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    Hoping some of you tech savvy peeps can help. My adobe is freezing. I updated the program yesterday and it just happened again. I have to use task manager to close PS and loose everything if I haven't saved it. It tried disconnecting power when it happened again and it recovered some but not to the last point of my work-any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    @lmrush Is it happening always, or just on specific pieces? I've had this problem sometimes when I'm working on a really large file. Photoshop uses up all the memory and then crashes. You can see memory usage in the task manager. If that's the problem you're having, then you won't be happening on smaller files (that's how you tell). You can improve your memory performance by closing other programs like your internet browser, and of course try to make your problem file smaller so it's easier to work in. You can delete or merge unused layers, or make the canvas smaller if at all possible. Also, rebooting your computer might help. But it might also be a problem just from the recent update that has nothing to do with your memory...

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    @NessIllustration Thanks! I figured it out I uninstalled previous year/versions leaving only the updated PS 2021, seems to be working now. I will keep your tips in mind as well as I work, thank you for your help! Happy Holidays!

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