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  • I am working on this digital illustration to add to my portfolio and I’m not sure which direction I want to take it. I originally started this piece because I really struggle with my backgrounds and now that I have a background almost finished I’m not sure what characters I want to add now. obviously I should have planned this out a bit more ...Since it is going in my portfolio I want to add as much variety as can without overcomplicating the image. Any suggestions?CC57FC52-D786-4998-B909-F7E3AD5C0846.jpeg

  • Hi @powsupermum I think this piece is off to a great start.

    I was thinking maybe you could do a mermaid kid? Pick a bright color to contrast against the aqua blue sea background.

    Like there's a lime green foliage already in this image, and maybe a lime green tail will not only stick out but with the color's harmony overall. This is just my guess really.

  • @Michael-Angelo-Go thank you! yes I love the mermaid idea. I’ll kick some character sketches around!

  • DE472D82-07C6-4A58-B346-2C166EEFCA6B.jpeg Background Color is done!

  • Howdy hey~
    I like the composition of this piece so far - it's rounded and leaves lot of nice space for a focal point. I like how saturated the colors are and think you have a great environmental example, though maybe some background light glares in between the foreground and the background light rays could add to the depth of your piece.
    I would say, if this is going to be a portfolio piece that is intended to show off your character design as well as your general illustration skills, it may be worth it to do some of the unique character design course exercises SVS offers, just to really send this piece all the way.
    However, if this piece is intended to showcase your flow and overall design skills, maybe a school of fish to fill in the space and show repetition, rhythm, and movement? Or a few dolphins at various distances to show a narrative and depth?
    Just some thoughts! I think you're off to a great start! I'm looking forward to seeing the updated versions 🙂


  • So I decided to go mermaid... I just can’t pass up an opportunity to do a mermaid! Lol any thoughts on composition now with the sketch over?8CA8C33F-2CEC-4A20-8F32-EA3BB7B3B1D6.jpeg

  • I wonder how it'd look with a gently brushed in ray of sun in the background? or perhaps a gradient from bottom to top on you blue (again brushed in) I would love to try it myself 😃

  • @Kori-Jensen I am new to digital illustration and I have been wanting to play with some lighting I may add a few rays...

  • Pro

    @powsupermum The colors seems a bit too flashy to me.. It's not too much of a problem with just the background, but when you paint on the mermaid I feel like the bg colors will fight for attention with her. She should be the most attention grabbing

  • @NessIllustration thank you for the feed back I mentioned earlier that I am really new at digital and it is extremely bright! lol I definitely agree! I usually like to work with a darker pallet but i figured a coral reef should be colorful but maybe I can figure out how to tone the whole thing down a bit? I am using procreate and I watched the video that @Will-Terry taught using procreate but his is an older software/ video and it seems to be a little different so I am slowly figuring it out! Thanks again I will be posting all my progress here so if you feel like checking back in please do so!

  • @powsupermum You're doing great, have you been drawing for long?

  • SVS OG

    @powsupermum hi! Looking great! Currently your piece is too centered. Perhaps move the mermaid to the left or right to hit that rule of thirds

  • @Kori-Jensen I have been drawing my whole life but only really started to hone my style/skill maybe the past year? I switched from acrylics and canvas and I really like watercolors too but I’m trying digital out at the moment. I really want to illustrate for children’s books but I’m afraid it won’t happen til my kids are bit older! they eat so much creative time but, I have to enjoy it while I can I know it won’t last forever!

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz thank you for the feedback I’ll see if I can adjust it🧐I have already erased some layers so it not be possible without lots of editing I had tried to move her already but it’s leaving behind its “shadow” so I’ll see what I can do! Thank you!

  • Here’s where I’m at now 8F1CEEBC-22A6-4593-8EC6-8ECE74164062.jpeg

  • Nope she can’t be moved I don’t know how to do it. It just creates a huge mess... I’ll just have live and learn rule of thirds!!

  • @powsupermum I know the feels I really do! I am a stay at home dad and I have been struggling to find the time too. Does your family support your artistic endeavours? if you don't mind me asking...

  • @Kori-Jensen oh yes but the kids don’t really get it yet. They are 2, 5, 7

  • Not sure why but the characters seem to dilute the focus point. Maybe fewer fish or blurry fish way in the background? Also the Y shaped, yellow coral on the left is creating a tangent and a window frame that pulls the attention. Maybe shorten the left branch of it.

  • @Kim-Hunter thanks for pointing that out I’ll fix it also I have added more fish and backgrounds fish as well I’ll post an update as soon as my iPad battery charges a bit!

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