Yeti Character Design WIP

  • Here is the rough beginnings of my yeti character design sheet! I really like this month's prompt. It's taking me out of my comfort zone. I haven't done a full character design sheet before, so it is kind of a doozy! 🙂


    My yeti is a kind, but shy creature. He lives with his tight-knit family, tucked inside a cave in the Himalayan mountains. He is very interested in humans, but tries to keep his distance from them. If a human gets to close to him while he's outside the cave, he gets scared and quickly flies away with his powerful wings! 😃

    If you have any feedback/advice or if anything jumps out at you as needing adjusting; please feel free to tell me! I can tell it's going to be rough trying to keep my character consistent. This is a new challenge for me; so any and all advice will be very much appreciated! Thank you for looking 🙂

  • Nice start with the yeti and the wings are an interesting touch, however they feel like something that is added on as an afterthought rather than something that is part of character. Look for references for real and fictional flying creature designs and see how they function, are the wings large enough to support the body, do they have multiple functions, how do they look in flight?

    Also you mention that it's a shy creature, so think about how you can evoke that shyness through expression, posing or features on the character. Think about the pose you would do when you feel shy, for me I imagine raised shoulders and a tucked down head with my hands raised towards my face. Think about those ideas and explore your options, for example maybe your character uses it's wings to conceal itself as camouflage if it can't fly away in time?

  • I agree with Gary! Try some shy poses, maybe like this: (not the best reference but maybe a good starting point?)

    Since the yeti is fuzzy, maybe give it feathered wings instead of bat like wings? That way it looks more cohesive?

    It's looking good tho! Can't wait to see the final 😃

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Thank you so much for the feedback! This is a gold mine of valuable critique 😃

    I knew the wings would be a sticking point for me, mainly because I haven't drawn too many of them (especially bird type wings). My lack of experience drawing them is definitely showing, but I really liked the idea of the wings for his overall design and I wanted to push myself and not settle for less because of that inexperience (If that makes sense) I will be doing exactly what you said here, a lot of studies of both real and imagined flying creatures! I love the idea of using the wings as camouflage. If I can find a way to incorporate that, I totally will 🙂

    And yes, you are right on point in regards to the shyness being expressed in the poses. I will make sure to do that as best I can. I guess my mind heard the " 3/4 neutral poses" and I automatically started to think "Oh, the pose where they stand straight up and down and have a blank look on the character's face", lol. My bad.

    Thanks again! This was exactly what I needed to hear and gave me a really solid direction in making this character sheet the best I can possibly make it 😃

  • @Daisy Yes, thank you so much for the feedback! I will be doing exactly those things. I really appreciate your thoughts and advice! 😃

  • Alright, here is an update post on my yeti! I think I'm going in a much better direction with him now. I'm going to name him Avalanche 🙂

    Still a work in progress, and I'm making little tweaks to certain areas here and there. If you have any feedback, I'd be glad to hear it! 😃


  • Here we go! I'm very close to calling it finished 🙂 Just polishing it up now. Please let me know if you have any last minute feedback! It would be much appreciated 😃


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