How to Draw Everything Assignments

  • I am creating this thread to post my work as I go through the Foundations 1 course. I am just starting out. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Initial drawing exercises. These came out better than I expected.


    The ellipses in perspective were very difficult. Should I stick to practicing this for a while, or move on to 3D shapes? Either way, I will continue to practice 2D shapes in perspective and the earlier exercise where you make dots and connect them with a curve as a warmup.


  • @Kiel-Ewing The contour line drawings turned out really well. Looks a lot better than my attempts at those exercises! I think you're definitely on the right track 🙂 More practice on the ellipses could be helpful, especially if it was difficult for you. The more practice you put into it, the easier those pesky ellipses will become 😃

    The only constructive feedback I can give you right now is about your linework. It's very "scratchy". I recommend trying your best to draw from the shoulder instead of the wrist. It really loosens up your lines and makes them more flowy. Try to make a mark in one fluid motion, instead of lots of small scratchy lines. It's not easy at first, but does get easier over time 🙂 It's something I still struggle with from time to time!

  • @Jacy13 Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely keep working on drawing from the shoulder and improving line quality. 👍 I've been going back and forth between drawing on paper and my ipad. So far, it has felt much easier to make smooth lines using a pencil and paper. On the ipad my palm starts to stick to the screen after a few minutes of drawing.

  • Ellipses are getting better.

    Here are a couple sheets of practice at combining shapes. There's an image for each sheet with and without some of the construction lines.
    Combining_Shapes_1 (a).jpeg
    Combining_Shapes_1 (b).jpeg
    Combining_Shapes_2 (a).jpeg
    Combining_Shapes_2 (b).jpeg

  • I have finished the course and completed my versions of the demonstrations. Initially I tried to watch the demos then do my own versions from my head, but that was a disaster. When I try to draw something from imagination, I have a vague picture in my head. When I try to put it on paper, it doesn't really get any clearer, so it ends up just looking really boring and simple. I am not skilled enough yet to be able to add details to make it more interesting without it sort of becoming a mess.

    Rather then getting discouraged, I decided to just following along with the demos and draw the same thing Jake is drawing. I am very happy with the results. Looking at these images, even though I copied them, I still can't believe that I made them!

    In the demo videos, it took Jake about 15 minutes to draw each one. These took me waaaaay longer. The shortest was the building which took about 1.5hrs, compared to the character which was the longest at around 3.5hrs.

    Any feedback or advice is much appreciated!


  • @Kiel-Ewing your final assignments look fantastic I really like the tree one! Great job!

  • @ambiirae Thank you!

  • @Kiel-Ewing Congrats on finishing the course! I think your final assignments turned out great. On to the next course 😃

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