Anna Daviscourt rainbow assignment

  • Just getting started on Anna daviscourts newest lesson and assignment of weekly rainbow themed prompts. Curious if anybody else is currently working on these to share and critique as we go? The course is ‘how to plan and complete a big illustration project.’

  • Well here is some wip for my color red? Orange maybe? I aim to be finished by tomorrow... also my first digital illustration ever using procreate on my iPad Pro😄 20F50257-8FAA-439C-9AC7-32034211E70F.jpeg 2BCE7653-1C6C-4793-87C5-BE492149E3A4.jpeg

  • So here’s my finished piece for...( I’m gonna go with red?) I guess it’s like a vermillion lol, anyway for @AnnaDaviscourt . Weekly rainbow assignment. I decided against a background I didn’t want to take away from the assignment which was to use mostly one color. Though I did accent with the butterfly:) any thoughts? Had i done a background I would have added a bit of greenery just sort of inverted vignette (is that a thing?) behind the monkeys. Enjoy! Made my deadline btw;)C8741AC7-35EC-4E93-A19B-4BB76A9646C4.jpeg

  • This post is deleted!

  • 8691CA0B-32F7-4484-A544-4BD7E3E863BC.jpeg so here is my red for @AnnaDaviscourt rainbow assignment. I decided the monkeys were more orange. Come back to see what color I do next!

  • Guess I’m on a mer-creature kick! Here is my color green. For the rainbow assignment by @AnnaDaviscourt DAD119D5-5E21-4475-BC13-3A806369EB21.jpeg

  • I had some extra time today so I figured I’d knock out another color here is my yellow assignment.CDDB890E-4CAB-40E0-8AC8-F318454A365A.jpeg

  • @powsupermum Thanks for sharing! I hadn't realized that @AnnaDaviscourt had done that course, so I just watched it! I really like her courses. She teaches in a way that totally makes sense to me.

    Your drawings are super fun and your characters are great! I especially like the bees. Good job and I look forward to seeing the rest!

    (I've already scheduled all of my end of year projects, but am looking for some in the new year, so this will be one of them!)


  • Thank you! Yes she’s great! I’ve had some fun with these! And received good critiques from her via Instagram as well!

  • This was the doodle I did for blue for @AnnaDaviscourt rainbow assignment for the class how to plan and complete a big illustration projectD067FF37-EAF2-4017-B1FC-D6FF8CF1EF9A.jpeg

  • Ok this wraps it up for me! Purple! Thank you @AnnaDaviscourt for this lesson it was really fun! How to plan and complete a big illustration project!48ECEC57-4097-4A8B-926B-756AD97590D7.jpeg

    I originally did this illo for nov prompt together but decided against so with a different color pallet here she is purple!

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