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  • Hello all - I recenly updated my website and wanted input on if its accessabile and easier to navigate. I tried a new gallery process and decided to make categories to go back and forth on each one instead of trying to cram everything on one page.

    My goals for the site are

    • Have potential clients access areas of interest
    • Sign up new followers for my art and books
    • Give more detailed info on what I do and where I am going with my art and processes

    Let me know if its confusing in anyway or if its more of a choir to go through the categories. I've worked as a web designer for 10yrs and I'm to close to this to be objective. 🙂

    Thank you if you get the chance! @jeremyothomas_art

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    @jthomas I have to say, the navigation is not the clearest.. 😕 I was immediately confused by your two categories "portfolio" and "illustrations". I would think those are the same thing? Upon looking more closely I'm even more confused. Your portfolio section has some of your personal projects but also categories of work like visual development and ink illustrations. But you still make a completely different menu section for illustrations, which repeat some of the pieces included in your sub categories in the portfolio section.

    All in all it's very confusing navigation, and I think you have way too much in your portfolio, You have better chance of getting work if you focus on one or 2 things at most. You can make a comics portfolio, or a concept art portfolio. Right now there's too much, which is why the site is messy, crowded and hard to navigate. You're trying to appeal to everyone all at once, and that's bound to fail you know what I mean?

  • Thank you so much. So ideally I should not confuse the Section Label "Portfolio" and remove some sections
    -Remove section "Illustrations" ( I intended to add more once they are completed and not repeat the same images in Vis Dev)

    • Remove Pesonal works (Sketchbook, Fan-Art and comics)?

    Basically make a work portfolio with only 2 Categories? Vis Dev and Design?

    1.png 2.png 3.png

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    @jthomas It really depends what kind of work you want to get. If that's vis dev, then keep that! Some categories are redundant. For instance, vehicle design. Just keep 1-3 of your strongest vehicles and put that in your vis dev portfolio. Same for comics and fanart categories. It's not necessary to remove all personal illustration. Personal illustrations can be very cool and relevant sometimes! Even a few pieces of fanart can be great, because the client recognizes the character/series so they have a frame of reference for how well (or how wrong) you are getting its representation.

    I would probably remove the sketchbook category though. The main point is that right now with so many categories you're showing so many pieces, not all your best work, and you're spreading your good work too thin. Concentrate it instead, by keeping only your very best pieces from each category and putting them all together in one gallery that's easy to scroll through. Where the client can see all your best work at the same time without having to bounce around to 10 different pages.

  • Hi,
    I agree with everything that has been said and would like to add that if you have scanned or photographed pics, make all the backgrounds the same shade of white and get rid of the scanner edge. or make it purposeful.

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