Curriculum 2021 - Fundamentals 1

  • thanks for tagging me 🙂

  • @SarahLou If you'd like and think it may help I could post my older work here when I did do the class? Maybe I'll post after others though, avoid spoilers lols.

  • This is great! Thanks for setting it up! To be honest, I’m not sure how much I will be working on the classes right now. I have a project for school that is crazy, but I think this would be a good opportunity for me to start trying to squeeze in some foundation work too. In short, I’ll be going very slow 😂. I would also love to post some of my projects for school and get some feedback on them too!

  • @Jules Right now, my goal is to do an assignment a week at the most. I’m working on the visualizing in perspective class (Ive been stuck on it for awhile). I’ve also been working on the Creative environment design class on the side, for fun 😁

  • Here are my first round of exercises... I’ll give my takeaways.

    Part 1 - Drawing up-side down
    There’s a bit of a ‘scale’ issue. I started at the boot but as I made my way to the helmet my drawing got lengthier, which put the limbs out of proportion. I was able to keep a lot of the pieces relative to each other pretty correctly, hand to knee, etc. My gun and the hand holding it are too small, but the hand on the other side is too big.

    I think if I were drawing it right side up I would have seen those things better, but now at least I have an idea to look at a piece and keep an eye out for things that’ll look weird or disproportionate.

    Part 2 - the myster
    I kind of liked the way this one turned out. The plug angle could be fixed. Everything I draw has a slight leftward leaning thing, I feel like maybe if someone has some tips for this it would be awesome. I have an astigmatism which is what I think the problem is, flipping my canvas usually helps because I know it exists. When I look at the page to me those lines ‘look’ correct, until I take a step back and see it. So if there’s an analog trick way to correct this I’m open to suggestions.

    The only other things I see majorly wrong is not making the loop in the chord flat enough, or more oval and further away from the base of the machine and theres not enough room, for the holes/drawing the holes too big. Ironically, Jake also had this problem in the video so I don’t feel too terrible about it, but definitely something I’ll have to keep an eye out for.

    Part 3 - Chair
    Oh boy... this one started out well... the negative space was actually going really well, the. When I had to fill in the actual chair. It all went to poop.

    The perspective of the chair is definitely off, I obviously ran out of room on the page so the right side is smooshed, and the back part of the chair curve is probably a little too curved. There’s some issues relative to the right back leg and how far the seat bar from the right comes out past it, it may have contributed to some of the problems too.

    I actually think it helped even just to write out a bit objectively the issues I found, and knowing I’m sort of accountable to you guys. So thanks for listening to me rant.

  • Oh and if you see anything else please tell me. I’m sometimes blind to the things I do wrong.

  • Round 2 Exercises

    Part 1
    Drawing flat shapes - one and 2d perspective introduction.


    You guys can probably see the same problem, everything is leftward leaning problem here too, some of them I tried to correct... but it’s still a problem. I was trying to do it as organically as possible, so I wasn’t flipping my canvas at all which helps. This happens pretty much every time I try to draw a ‘straight’ line.

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4
    Perspective practice

  • @SarahLou

    Part 1: Hi for your upside down work -you are missing the bottom of the gun in his hand.
    Part 2: I notice in your work the top rectangular part (oh I'll just show you, I can't explain it), below the perspective lines are going in the wrong direction.
    Part 3: The seat of the chair also didn't come out far enough. That is far more noticeable I think.

    Those are my points. Keep working at it though. 🙂

  • @SarahLou

    Part 1 and part 2: I finally see what you mean by going to the left down. Try drawing left to right vs. right to left if you haven't. Also place dotes more and ensure before you ghost and draw that they are level. And keep practicing. You are working digital or pencil/paper? In the latter you might have your paper on an angle that could be messing things up. When you ghost look at your arm as it moves, and see if you notice any discrepancies.

    Part 2: On it's own looks good. Just do more, don't get too excited and move through the classes too quickly (it's easy to do) or go back before you start the next class and do a line review etc. Esp since Part 4 requires you to know how to draw a line so you can draw forms.

    Part 4: Bottom rectangles, practicing ghosting more, better to work slower and hit those perspective points when you can easily tell somethings off. (I'll show you) below, make sure your lines are not parallel but are converging.
    practise02_LI (4).jpg

    🙂 I'm sorry for my wobbly lines. I am using my finger and mouse pad lols.

  • 5D20FF7D-C44B-4062-8509-9F7AA7B42B9D.jpeg


    You’re amazing @Heather-Boyd Heather! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been working on both paper and digital. Digital is easier to share, but here are my hand practices on paper too. You’ll see the same leaning problem it’s especially noticeable on the dots because even they’re not linear. I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the angle of the paper to get a true straight line since I’ve seen it in all my work. I think practice is the answer like you said. I think that to get those quick confident turns and lines will just be practice. I don’t work in my particular direction. Some of those lines were supposed to be straight up and down no left right movement. I’ll see if I can show you. All of my vertical lines lean to the left.


    The hardest part for me is I don’t know it happens until we’ll after those initial movements were put down. So if I’m not careful, I can get through a whole drawing and then realize it’s lopsided.

    Sorry about some of those practice pages, some of those digital perspective cubes don’t actually go to vanishing points that you can see. I’m still practicing those and I wanted to try to draw the cubes for the linework and tone ones so I can practice getting those lines right.

  • That’s actually probably why you see those parallel lines on the myster as not being parallel, but even when I look at the image without your markups I can’t actually SEE that they’re off. I know they are when I dig deep and investigate or flip the canvas, but to me they look totally fine as I’m drawing

  • Hahaha, also, from the upside down perspective I thought the butt of his gun was just his hand 😂

  • @SarahLou It looks great! I think it's super smart to work both digital and traditional, especially since I am new to digital and struggle with some things about it still. Although having a good drawing tablet makes a big difference!
    I am going to start the gesture class this week (I am jumping around) because I'm working on a character study that's going to need it. I'm going to try and finish it and my study by next Monday, but we'll see how that goes. I'd love to post my assignments here though and get some feedback from you all.

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