Nice to meet you. My name is Joslyn.

  • Hello and Greetings everyone!

    My name is Joslyn and I am a Media Artist from Minnesota.

    I graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Animation and am currently working at Allen Interactions, a company that provides custom e-learning. I am inspired by many like Hayao Miyazaki, Brian Froud, Glen Keane, Chris Sanders, and many Dreamworks and Disney animations. My background is 2D animation but I am very much interested in illustration and surface design. I am a huge Def Leppard fan and am also a mom of two rabbits named Jasper and Zephyr.

    I am super excited to finally be able to take these SVS courses! I have been following Will and Jake on Youtube for a while now and have really enjoyed listening to their tips and advice. I am constantly inspired by their journey and art, and I strive to be as professional as they are one day. By joining SVS, my goal is to improve my craft and skills, learn more about illustration, make new friends, and have fun. As a person who already works 40 hours a week, volunteers, does agility training, and takes bellydance class, I have been TERRIBLE at giving myself personal projects. So by doing the exercises on here, I want to get myself more disciplined at making personal and finished pieces. It is all about making the time. 🙂

    Well I am going to go back to watching the Creative Composition video. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing everyone's work! 😃

    My work is here.
    My doodles and bunnies are here:

  • I just moved from Minnesota!!! Welcome to the SVS family. Look forward to your posts...

  • Pro SVS OG

    Awesome artwork. Welcome:-D

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome Joslyn! Nice work. The creative composition course is really good, its so inspiring! I love rabbits aswell, Mine is called Dirk-Jan.dirk jan.jpg

  • Thank you so much for the warm welcomes everyone. 🙂

    Leontine, your lop is absolutely gorgeous! What a great coat.

    Here are my two boys.

    Jasper is the Netherland Dwarf and Zephyr is the Lionhead. (I actually just got Zephyr about a week ago :3 )


  • @Joslyn-Schmitt ahhh they are so cute! lets make some rabbit drawings!