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    Worked on this guy today while watching critique videos on svs.
    He's a GentlemanBug who will have a LadyBug with him. Maybe a little dance they are at?
    I didnt want my together thing to be Covid related because I just can't. So little bugs at a dance?

    I haven't begun any background work and that's what I'm the worst at so can't wait to get into the building backgrounds class and get crackin!

  • Too cute ❤️ sounds like a fun idea. I'm akso doing the backgrounds class 🙂 it's awesome and helping me so much as I need to get better at that sort of thing.
    Two bugs doing a dance suits the prompt perfectly. I couldn't do anything related to current events either.. totally with you on that!

  • @Coley just too much right now😔

    Haven't started the backgrounds yet, looking forward to it.

  • IMG_20201117_171626_447.jpg
    Not sure if this mantis works, thoughts?

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