Printing Postcards -for Christmas to family not to publishers

  • Last year some friends thought my hot chocolate cup work, would be neat on a Christmas card. I didn't have the time last year and this year an aunt of mine would like to put a work of mine on her refrigerator. So I combined a new drawing with the hot chocolate work and have my image edited to my liking.

    Question for those who have printed postcards in the past, what route should I go 1. buying pre-set postcard paper and printing at home or 2. getting a company like Staples (Canada) with a design template and attaching my image and printing with them?

    I only plan to send 8 (4 actually in the mail and the other 4 hand delivered).

    Thank you guys,

  • I'd say that it depends on how good your printer is and what the image is like.

    I have an Epson Surecolor P600 which is very good but still occasionally struggles with images that have a very rich background.

    Staples is generally pretty middle of the road when it comes to quality. The best service I've found is I know you're only looking for 8 of them so perhaps moo's minimums are a little high for you. I think the upgrade in quality is worth it, though. I've used them for a lot of business card projects throughout my years as a designer and I don't know of another company who is quite as good.

    That said! If your image is relatively simple and/or on a very light background, this kind of distinction is a little less prominent - at that point, you'll mainly see variation in the intensity of the blacks (if that's a thing you care about).

  • @Heather-Boyd I just recently created holiday cards for my Etsy shop with CatPrint and they turned out great! You can order as few or as many as you like and I really liked the quality. I also use CatPrint for posters that I sell in my shop and have had nothing but great reviews for the quality. The customer service is great as well. Hope this helps!

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    I normally print mine on my epson at home. It’s not an expensive printer and it has its quirks but it does a decent job. I print 4 up straight on card stock flip over and print the back. Then cut them out with my big old school (literally) paper cutter. I played with the color adjustments in the printer options a while back and found an option that can handle rich color without flooding the cardstock. I print 30 to 40 and it gets the job done. πŸ™‚

  • I decided to go with Henry's this time and see how the quality is. And if I am interested in something more in the future I'll definitely look at the other places mentioned. Thanks,

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