Character Consistency Practice - Feedback Welcomed

  • Hi guys! I previously posted my portfolio and was given advice to include different face and body angles, so I've decided to practice a bit by creating 6 different poses (I will include other emotions as well on future characters) for a character. For this one I thought of a girl who likes fixing things, building, and playing of course. I try to avoid the stereotypical roles of boys and girls, although she is purposely wearing a dress.
    Does it seems like the same character to you, are the consistency and body angles right?

    Character Consistency.jpg

    Sketches, as I always like to see those from other illustrators 🙂

    Character Consistency Sketch.jpg

  • @TamaraDomuzin I certainly do think it's the same character; I don't see any major changes/differences in proportions or structure from drawing to drawing, so good job on that!

    The one thing I will say is that I'm consistently drawn to the upper middle image the most and (besides it being in the center) I think it's because the character's eyes are implied with a line rather than a dot. The dot has much more contrast than the line, so to me, the dot feels like it takes up more room on the face while the line does not. This isn't a bad thing, just an observation I wanted to point out.

    If I were to change anything to make the drawings more cohesive, I'd add eyelashes to the other drawings as well. I understand the middle drawing's expression is supposed to be excited, and for that reason the character is closing her eyes with glee. To me, it would allow for a better connection if all the renditions of the character had eyelashes, but that might just be personal preference.

    Overall, I definitely think it's the same character! Nice work!

  • @Jonathan-Malski Thank you for you thoughts 🙂 ! You're defintely right about the eyelashes, I will work on that.

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    @TamaraDomuzin Lovely! It really does read as the same character 🙂 Though if I were a publisher I might want to see how you handle negative emotions (anger, sadness, confusion, etc)

  • @NessIllustration Thank you! Yup, I will definitely show more negative emotions for other characters.

  • I LOVE HER! I don't see see any inconsistency in her character. I always become a perfectionist when it comes to this too. If anything, I wish she had something on her that she was wearing that made her unique and fits her personality of fixing things or building! Like a barrette shaped like a tool that kept the hair out of her eyes. Or a print on her dress of gears, or maybe a tool behind her ear. A little more story to her so she becomes the main character of her story? 😄 I think when you start getting into the negative emotions, it gets a little more tricky to keep consistency, but that's only in my experience anyway! Would love to see more of her 😍

  • @Miranda-Branley Thank you! It's a good idea what you mentioned about clothing, but I did wanted to make her wear just a dress. Usually when you see girls wearing a dress, they are either playing with dolls or having a tea party, so I wanted to draw a girl that wears a dress, but also likes more ''boyish'' things (hate that I even have to use the word ''boyish'' 🙂 ).

  • @TamaraDomuzin I love that! I mean if you have the reason for her clothing, go for it! I completely understand that! 😁

  • Hi guys, here's another one. This is Mylo and he loves to play pirates 🙂 . I tried to add some new expressions/emotions, although there are still some left to do (scared, disgusted...).


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    @TamaraDomuzin Really cute and your expressions work really well I think!

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    @TamaraDomuzin adorable

  • SVS OG

    These are great! Your hands are especially well drawn and your characters have adorable expressions. The only other thing I could think you could do to puch further is try an outfit or two more for each character to really explore, maybe with a couple of negative expressions. Fantastic. Love your sketches too!

  • @Judy-Elizabeth-Wilson Thank you! I do use a lot of reference when drawing hands. There are still some negative expressions I have to draw, and I'll think about changing the outfits a bit on a next one.

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