Confused about my style

  • Hi everyone,
    I am trying to figure out what do do with my style but other people are making it kind of hard. I like to do two colors in my illustrations but my family says it doesn’t look right. I don't know what to do but i know I should do what my heart says. What do you think?

    Style 1

    Style 2


  • I would say try to watch a few videos or read about color theory. A lot of your color choices in your work seem quite random and i'm not quite sure what reasoning is behind having part of the image a different color.

  • I think the two images you shared links to are quite similar in "style" (It is a fuzzy word, everyone has a different interpretation). I remember when I put together a portfolio last year, I thought my style was all over the place, but other people told me that it looks more consistant than I thought.

    Lee White's dream portfolio excise is one of the most powerful thing I have tried to develop my style. I would recommend anyone who is tackling with the question of style to try that.

  • @Ari-Sorokin I agree with the other comments, your work is really cool but there does seem to be a bit of an issue with colour so I think what Gary said about researching colour theory could help. Style is a weird one but you do seem to have a clear drawing style from the pieces you've shown here.

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    I agree with the others as well. The illustrations you posted are similar and the color looks a bit random. But a limited color scheme can be very nice, and might even be a good place to start, so your intuition is probably right. I am putting in a link below to an account that has a lot of limited color schemes and might be inspiring! Have fun!

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    @Ari-Sorokin hi! This is going to sound very snobby 😅 but Unless your family are artists, I won’t think much about their opinions. Most of the time non-artist folks just don’t know what makes a great artwork. They can spot if an image is not working but they can’t tell why.

    As for these 2 pieces, they’re not bad. Their colors are good but they look bland. Currently you’re using an analogous color scheme (colors that are beside each other on the color wheel e.g. blue, green, yellow). It can work but unless you use a standout color like a complimentary such as red or orange(in this case), your piece can look boring. Try using more fun color palettes. Try complimentary colors, triadic, etc...

    I also noticed that you tend to use a lot of saturated colors all at once. Instead, try picking 1 saturated color to be your focal point and choosing less intense colors for the rest so that initial color will pop.

    I agree with what people here are saying, you need to watch a few color theory videos

    Here are a few youtube videos that explains color theory

    (This one is my fave)

  • @Gary-Wilkinson interesting. I try using color combinations like complementary analogous etc. can u explain what color theory is?

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