Adaptor for connecting Cintiq 13hd with an iMac?

  • Hi, everyone. I recently got a iMac to replace my 8 years old mac book laptop. The I realised that iMac does not have HDMI input, so I can not connect my Cintiq 13 HD directly to the iMac. I would need an adaptor. Google search results were a bit confusing: it seems liek some of brands of HDMI to USB adaptors do not work, and maybe some works? - I was not 100% sure if there is an identified issue with certain adaptors, and what I should be looking for when choosing an adaptor?

    Does anyone here has a similar setup? which adaptor do you use?

  • Is it a brand new imac? if not, what year?

  • I had this set up on an older iMac a while back. I think there should also be a thunderbolt to hdmi adaptor you could use. And I think since only macs use thunderbolt you shouldn’t have to worry about comparability. Hope that helps 🙂

  • @xin-li I used a display port to HDMI adapter for my imac but it was a late 2009 model. If you have a new one any USB C to HDMI adapter should work fine.

    I wouldn't worry too much about brands. Check the reviews. If it doesn't work, send it back 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett @Norman-Morana
    Thanks for the terminology. I have not bought a computer for the last 8 years, feels a bit hard to navigate myself around these things. The iMac I got is from 2019 model, it seems to have both thunderbolt and usb c port.

    I ordered a hdmi to usb c adaptor, hope it will work :-).

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li If you contact Wacom support (inserting the European link here), they should be able to tell you the exact adapter to use.

    Congratulations on your new Mac! Ironically, I have a newish (4yo) Cintiq with a USB-C, but my MacBook is older, so I have the opposite problem!

  • @LauraA hahaha... I can feel the struggles in your end of the screen.
    My adapter seems work. BTW :-).

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