Do any of you have experience in selling your own prints on your site or etsy ?

  • I was wondering for any of you creators that have a second business selling your art pieces as post cards , stickers and mugs , I wanted to know where is the best place to get prints/products made from?

    I've been considering selling a few of my illustrations on the side when illustrating for books is a little slow , but I find it hard to go with one place that has the best quality prints or stickers. I'm also just wondering if it's better to make an etsy and but the printing/sticker paper myself and just do everything from home.

    Do any of you have experience in selling your own prints on your site or etsy ? Do you find that it's worth doing when work gets slow in the months ?

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    @Corlette-Douglas hi! you should contact @NessIllustration. She has prolific Etsy shop

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Ohhh ok thank you , I'll get right on that 🙂

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    @Corlette-Douglas I don't sell physical products anymore (I've gone digital!) but when I did I liked Printful and Printed Mint 🙂

    As I told you in PM I don't think Etsy would be fun for everyone because you really do have to do a lot of work on the marketing and business side to make it work (listing products and waiting for them to sell will not work), but for those who enjoy the business side it can be quite amazing! I like the freedom it gives me 🙂 I just finished a book and don't have anything else lined up right now, but I don't have to worry because I have Etsy! So instead of going on a mailing spree trying to score a contract, I've just started working on a new product collection for my store while I sit back and wait for my agent to find me another book deal in a few months. It's quite handy!

  • Hi! Yes I have a couple of years experience selling greeting cards from my Wordpress website (Paypal or credit card, or, alternatively, customers contact me through Facebook or email and place their order and mail me a check). It's tricky sometimes, I have to remember about shipping variations, sales tax nexus, packaging, and various app updates. It's worth it for me, because only a few people order each month and it's a nice side income. I also enjoy the process of packaging and mailing my art. 🙂

  • I sell prints for kid's rooms on Etsy. I haven't put a ton of work into it but have a handful of prints that sell regularly. I'm also selling hand-painted ornaments there over the holidays. I'll second what @NessIllustration said, that you can't just throw things up there and expect them to make you a ton of money, but it is a nice extra bit of money each month and great to have something else going when I'm not doing book work. I use my own printer for the prints and prefer it that way so I can make the highest profit. I don't mind doing my own shipping and everything, it's relaxing mundane work when I don't want to be creative!

    One more note--it's taken awhile to build momentum, but I get a lot of traffic my from Pinterest, so I would recommend using that as a tool if you start up a shop!

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