Your favourite apps for organizing all your arty wonderfulness.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I was just wondering what your favourite apps are for organising all your painting wonderfulness. I use todoist, love Notion, not sure if Milanote is worth it?
    Let me know the apps you use to organize your creative bank account to day to day tasks!
    Let's streamline our process 😀👍

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    I don't have any apps to recommend -- the only organizing I do is to put reference photos in a Google photo album -- but wanted to thank you for the mention of Milanote. I do a lot of writing and have been through many corkboard apps and hadn't seen this one. It's much nicer than most. It does limit you to 100 notes but that's enough for me. I throw ideas and research notes onto the board and when I'm done with the research portion, rearrange them into a good outline. When I'm done with my writing, I can clear the board and start again for the next project so 100 notes is plenty. Thanks for the reference.

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    @neilpriceart ipad photos?

  • I use Google keep with tick boxes. I like it because it is very simple for multiple to do lists and I usually have one pinned to the top for tasks I plan to do in that week.

    I like the idea of Milanote for a bigger projects.

  • I use Todoist to block out my days, and BeFocusedPro to clock my work. I really like both of them because I have them synced between my computer in the office, computer at home, and my phone, so I can stay on schedule wherever I'm working. For larger projects or series, I'll use Trello to break things down into smaller tasks, catalogue notes, and track progress.

  • Awesome replies! Milanote is good, but I'm starting the use Adobe XD instead for that corkboard kind of app, its a lot faster, you can change font sizes and it's free if you have the photoshop adobe cloud subscription.

    Does anyone use any apps to organise the mountains of reference we collect over the years. I organise them into folders but surely there's a better way to organise them all?

  • Since I use procreate everyday, I just draw a calendar and write a TODO list in it .... and erase, or move tasks easily ...

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    @neilpriceart I use a digital planner to plan my day to day. And then I use Google tasks to keep track of jobs/assignments. This works great for me because all my business is done by email. If I receive a job, in one-click I can add it to my Google tasks to-do list and it links to the email that has all the briefing information in. So it's part to-do list part brief. You can add a delivery date too! I use a separate task list to keep all my receipts for business purchases. I purchase online most of the stuff and receive the invoice by email, so I add it to the list. Once every couple month I'll go through the list, enter each purchase in a spreadsheet and print the receipt, once that's done a tick each item as "done". It's really simple but works so well I've not needed anything else.

  • That's great! I find that finding the right apps can really streamline my workflow and leave me so much more time for drawing, and keeps me more focused.
    Notion is really good for note-taking, its like Evernote on steroids.

    Let me know if anyone else has recommendations.

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