Critique request

  • Hello,

    Sorry for posting my critique request here but I have been waiting for the forum to fix the bug regarding us can’t post in the ‘serious critique requests’ category. But my dead line is so close that I had to get critiques for my artwork hehe.

    This is supposed to be a primary sketch of a working mom that her kid annoys when she has online meetings to say hi.

    Please give me your feedback on it
    And sorry for the mess🤭 this is just a sketch draft

  • I love the look on the lady’s face.
    Right now the only thing I notice that catches my eye are the toes grabbing the leg. It may read a little better if her foot was pushing the leg of the table rather than grabbing it. It looks like the big toe is where the pinky should be. The other foot looks great.
    The little girl’s hand looks like it’s on the wrong arm too but I love the gesture of it. If you could put the thumb under the palm it would look like it’s facing the right direction. Good progress so far. Cute idea. I hope this is helpful.

  • @kimmypie oh yeah you are absolutely right! Hehe looks like I have a problem with toes locations, Thanks! However I really like the idea of the mom grabbing the table to not fall, so I think I will switch legs and just make this leg her left leg. As for the daughter’s hand I will definitely adjust it like you said 😃 !! Thanks again that was so helpful

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