WIP - Ink Fairy - The Fairy company

  • Hi, there is my work in progress on the monthly contest.

    Any feedback is very wellcome!

    The idea of the illustration: is about the modernization of the Fairy Industry to make wishes. When centurys ago a Fairy made whises true here and there, becouse she felt it and she wanted it, now in these days of the modern society everything had become and industry or a company. Also the whole business of whises! that push and stress fairys to make whises comes true! 😲

    so...Is the illustration macthing the idea? Any suggestions on the drawing, composition or values?

    Also, Im unsure on what direction take in that illustration

    Option 1: only one character, she is in the office cheking mails, and you can see the logo of the company in the background, maybe I can add a more stuff in the back to make it more like an office.
    alt text

    Option 2: She has another fairy behind, looking at her in a bossy way (drawing and character design still need some work! ), its cool, it add more story to the illustration, but maybe is to much things? I saw that usually I put to much information on the illustrations. I will like to make them more "empty" and have more space. But then I see option A an maybe something is lacking, I dont know! can you enlighten me? 😋

    alt text

  • SVS OG

    @Jordi-Ventura i love option 2. it has more story. i think the clutter and lack of space helps convey the feeling of claustrophobia, unease and chaos. it completely fits the mood in my opinion

  • @Jordi-Ventura I think the concept is going somewhere but I don't think it fits with the provided text

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