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  • Hi. everyone
    I have a photoshop question:
    In Procreate, I can group layers into a folder, then make a selection, then I can move everything within the selection, no matter which layers they are on. But in Photoshop I can not move selection within a folder, only on a specific layer.

    I want to use one layer for shapes, then several layers for various textures. If I have 3 characters, it gets hard to move one character, if I have such a setup.

    Did I miss out on something? (I am on photoshop 2020 version), or is there a way to work around this issue, without making tons of layers?

  • SVS OG

    If I understand you right, you can move the whole folder, but not parts of it. For example, if you have three characters in a folder, you can only move all three. For that reason I place characters in separate sub folders. Then maybe I have a folder for the group of characters.

    I haven't gotten used to Procreate yet, but I agree that this does tend to proliferate layers in PS, and it gets confusing. I often have close to 100, and then looking for the one you want gets time consuming. One thing you can do, but it creates even more layers, is to copy and then merge the folder. Then it's only one layer, and you can select what you want! But yeah, I know that doesn't help much!

    One quick tip is that if you select the move tool and right click in a spot, it lists all the layer names in that spot. Again, that only helps you to find a layer. It doesn't help prevent them in the first place.

    I hope someone else has a better answer. I really dislike that it still takes me so many layers to do a piece in Photoshop!

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li so your layers are in 1 folder and you want to move all the layers in that folder at once? I encountered this dilemma just last month once I started using folders. (I know, I'm so tech savy 😂 ) Ok, so what I do is I select all the layers using the shift key and then press "v" and all of them will be selected. you can move them all at once but I don't think you can resize them.

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li i think I misunderstood you question. 😅 😅 😅

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li Ok, so I think I get your situation now. So you have 3 characters and (for example) all of their lineart is on one layer, all of their colors are on one other layer, and their textures on another and so on an so forth. And you only want to move character A along with his lineart, Color, texture, etc.?

    I'm afraid I have no solution for this. what I personally do is to keep each element on separate layers. And yes, sometimes I use almost a hundred layers. For the sake of order, I name the layers accordingly like "Girl Dress", "Girl Hair", etc... I also group elements in a folder. For example, I put all of my Girl character's layers into one folder. When I'm not working on her, I hide her layers.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz you got me right. Thank you so much. At least I confirm that I did not miss out on something :-). This is one feature I use a ton in Procreate.

  • @LauraA thank you so much. I will think harder about how I organized my layers in PS.
    I spent 50% of time painting in Procreate, and anther 50% roughly in Photoshop. I love the portability and small things such as the feature I mentioned above in Procreate. But I have more control working on a desktop setup, so I ended up doing the whole book in photoshop.

    Always good to chat up how to organize workflows, etc. 🙂

  • I have this problem too! I like to figure things out as I go along so it's a pain if I have to move something and then I struggle to match up the lineart and colour layers perfectly again

  • SVS OG

    I just do what @Nyrryl-Cadiz does. The only thing to do is put all the layers for each character in one folder. It just gets to be a real pain if you revise something towards the end and then you have to find every single layer that gets affected. 😖 One thing I do is, towards the end, jump to a new PS document and start merging entire characters. I've done this up to 16 times, but it's getting better as my workflow gels. Not sure if that helps, and needless to say, it takes a ton of space.

    If it's easier to organize layers in Procreate, I can't wait to get up to speed!

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