Recording digital painting process?

  • Hi, everyone. I am wondering how you can record the entire painting process in photoshop? What software is good to use for that purpose?

    I remember @Lee-White talked about he started recording all his digital painting process for teahcing purpose.

    I want to record them so I rember how I did a piece. I did a sample piece for a publisher, and got the book deal. Right now (3 months later), I am doing the painting for some of the final spread, and want to match with the sample painting. It become a bit challenging because I can not completely remember how I did it, and what brushes I have used. My process is so messy, and I think I need to start recording, so I can analyse, reflect, and keep improving.

  • @xin-li

    I use OBS for this! It's fairly lightweight, and you can set it to record your photoshop window instead of your entire screen if you're like me and bop in and out of photoshop to check email!

  • @korilynneillo thank you for the tip. I am working with a mac laptop which are like 8 years old. It is good to know OBS is fairly lightweighted 🙂

  • SVS OG

    You can also use Quick Time player. It has a screen record function and you can choose to record one screen or the other, or even a selection of the screen. I have a computer which is very similar to yours, so yours should have it 🙂 .

  • @xin-li it is smart to record your process!! I would never have thought artists do that but it makes total sense!

  • @xin-li We might be working on the same laptop ahaha! Mine's a 2012 macbook.

    I've found that when recording, it only gets laggy if I'm trying to work in two different adobe products at the same time. Photoshop and recording? fine! Photoshop and InDesign and recording? Less fine ahaha.

    Good to know I'm not the only one working on a dinosaur ;P

  • I think you can record your screen with Command-shift-5 on a Mac, but that depends which version of OS you have:

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li i hear great things about OBS. I’ve installed it for free but I haven’t gotten to using it yet. Maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • @xin-li I thought I was the only one who had this problem! I forget how I did things ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIIIIIIME.

    Using a recording software is a great idea. I'm gonna start doing that (up til now I've just taken cryptic but useless notes)

  • @korilynneillo I am on my way to get an iMac (it took like 1,5 months for the new computer to arrive). I have got 2 books with tight deadline. Finally, I started to worry about how long my laptop will keep going.

    @LauraA I will definitely try QuickTime first. Since I do not need to install anything extra. If it works out. Then all will be good.

    @Wouter-Pasman this might be it. I just upgraded my OS today. I will give a try.

    @Julia it might also be a way to generate content to share with other artists. It is a definitely good idea. I never did this because I thought it would be too CPU consuming. But I think I will start trying.

    @Braden-Hallett haha, at least you took notes. I did nothing, and how am I going to remember which brushes I used 3 months ago. haha....

    I will report back here once I get to mess around :-).

  • Hi again. I tried all the methods mentioned above.
    Mac Os default recording seems to be intuitive enough. I got it to work without reading manual :-). Thanks @Wouter-Pasman

    That said, OBS seems to be a quite advance app. I might get more out it, but it requires me to fiddle a bit more to figure out how it works.

    Thank you so much for your help, everyone.

  • @xin-li Youre welcome! OBS is also a great tool. I use it as well.

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