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  • Hey,
    I am a 16 year old artists and love drawing peoples pets. I wanna start charging and want to setup a page. What do you suggest. I don’t like wix and am worried about overly sponsored services like Squarespace. Any suggestions. I am okay with Squarespace if you guys think its good.

    Here is my insta

  • @Ari-Sorokin I think that wix and squarespace are the two most popular among the illustrators that I know. Squarespace is actually pretty good and easy to set up. They have some really nice templated options. I use webflow, it's a similar price and setup to squarespace but it's aimed at people who know a little more code. You could use wordpress, not sure how much coding you know, if you want to go that route and don't want to code it yourself, it pays to invest in a good template. Adobe portfolio is easy to set up and free, but it is strictly a portfolio. If you are wanting a way for people to pay you on the site I don't think that platform allows for it.

    Here is an article that breaks down some other options you could look into:

  • I've used Jimdo for years and I love it. It was created for businesses and photographers, so it is image focused, which attracted me at first. They have a nice free version you can try for an unlimited time. I used carbonmade years ago which is marketed to artists. hope that helps. Good luck.

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    @Ari-Sorokin I'm no website expert but from what you're saying, you seem to want to make an online store but instead of ready-made products, you're selling your skills. I think you can build a store on wordpress if you want but they're a bit tricky to setup. My money is still on Squarespace or Wix.

    However, do you really need a store right now? Are you earning enough commissions to pay the store's upkeep? Where are your clients coming from? social media? Word of mouth? Maybe it's better to operate on instagram for now. You'll have no fees and profits all go to you. When business really gets booming, maybe that's when you should consider opening one.

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