• How does everyone come up with inspiration for Inktober? I am sure everyone here participates. I was thinking of having a character move through the month, but am blocking. Any suggestions, inspirations, thoughts on what you do? Usually way ahead of myself. Thanks.

  • @KGatto How about having your character do a mint-long scavenger hunt? You can use some of the prompts as items he/she would need to find and the rest as part of the plot.

    Or maybe use the prompts as the plot points of the story. For instance, he goes FISHing, he catches a fish with WISPs of some sort, the fish he catches is quite BULKY, but suddenly, a message comes on the RADIO.... I should do this, too! 🙂

  • Love it. Thanks! I started good and then flat but I like that direction. Too much thinking!

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