What method do you use to get paid?

  • I've mostly been using PayPal to send invoices and receive payment but their fees are eating up a lot of the money and as I am an international user they charge an even higher percentage. Does anyone know of other ways to receive payment but without large fees?

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    I've heard good things about Stripe. Is that International?

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    @Gary-Wilkinson i’m currently using Paypal because it’s what clients are usually more familiar with and feel more comfortable towards. However, Payoneer is also a great alternative. I’ve used it with a few clients before and it hasn’t let me down. It has low fees and is reliable. Of course you can always do bank transfers if you’re not sure with Payoneer.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson The only way to dramatically lower the transaction fees will be to use ACH (direct bank transfer) instead of credit cards.

    Personally, I use Stripe because it integrates right into a lot of invoicing software. It's the same 2.9% that PayPal is, which is the same as 2CheckOut and Authorize.net, so I think that's going to be the standard.

    But Stripe ALSO processes ACH transactions in addition to credit cards, and it's .8% with a maximum cost of $5 per transaction.

    The invoicing software I use, which is Harvest, allows you to integrate with Stripe and then completely turn off credit cards so clients can only use ACH, or you can keep them both active and politely ask them to use ACH instead 🙂

  • Hi @Gary-Wilkinson, Also using PayPal business account since it’s so easy to send and track invoices and link to business account. Fees suck, but seems like this is preferred method for transactions.

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