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  • Hello SVS Community!

    My name is Adrianne. I am new here, and thought an introduction would be appropriate before I began posting. 🙂 I am so thrilled to have been directed to this site. I met Will Terry at SLCCC, bought lots of things from him (aka fangirled) and was told about this site/community. I regret that it took me months to come around to actually checking it out.

    I have purchased the monthly subscription and have completed the Digital Pencil class (though I'll need to watch it a few more times). I am SUPER excited about all the other classes as well. I have always gone by the principle (in business, sports, whatever) that in order to improve yourself, you must surround yourself by people that are more successful and skilled than you. I can definitively say you all are much more successful and skilled than I at art and that makes me SO HAPPY because I know that I will grow.

    I have absolutely zero formal training. Not even a high school art class. My day job is as an administrator for a large healthcare system in the northwest which couldn't be further from my night/weekend job as an aspiring graphic novelist. I am also a professional photographer, mother of 2, theology student, martial artist, makeup artist, and homeschool my 13 year old. I also have a 5 year old. So yeah, not a lot of free time in my life but I try not to use my busy and eclectic life as an excuse for not growing in art.

    I've been drawing ever since I can remember. My mom has pictures I drew before the age of 2 of Mickey Mouse. My love affair with Disney has been life-long. During my formative years, I almost exclusively drew Disney Princesses. You will see that influence in my art. I also am a huge fan of pop surrealism, comics, graphic novels, surreal illustration - really anything "lowbrow." I use the term "lowbrow" with great respect and admiration.

    Anyway, I'll include a few things artistic things I've done. I look forward to getting to know you all!

    Update: I'm getting error messages trying to upload my pictures. I'll include them in the comments.

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    Welcome Adrianne! Glad to have you join us here at SVS 🙂 It is a fantastic community, so hopefully will help you to grow as an artist! When you combine the courses here with the challenges, and feedback in the forums, it is such a good way to get better. (especially when you can do it in your own time - great to have that flexibility when you have kids to look after!)

    Just seen the first pics - your work is beautiful! Lovely linework and energy. I am a great fan of "lowbrow" stuff like Disney and Pixar too 🙂

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    @Adrianne Welcome! I think you are really going to enjoy this community - full of so many great artists and helpful advice and support!

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  • Okay done loading some examples.

    Thank you for the welcome @dulcie and @Rich Green! 🙂

  • @Adrianne said: Hi!

    Welcome! I have no idea how can you do all that and still have time for drawing. I have an art-unrelated day job too, but just that, nothing else and still cannot find enough time for my drawing. Will you participate in our monhtly challenge/contest? You should! 🙂

  • Welcome @Adrianne ! Awesome work! You will love it here. It's a very positive and helpful community.

  • Hi @Adrianne Welcome the SVS forum. I am sure you will have an awesome time here. The other artists are so talented, supportive and offer great advice. Your work is beautiful. I am sure you will add a lot to the SVS community. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your illustrations. Have a great day. Pete.

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    Welcome @Adrianne ! I joined the forum a couple weeks ago and it's be really awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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