Anyone have a favorite watercolor landscape painter?

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    Hey guys,

    I’m looking for some new people to follow that are watercolor landscape painters. Not really looking for realistic. Something fresh that I can learn from. Who are your favorite people? @demotlj i know you probably have a few! My fellow watercolorist.

    Thanks guys.

  • @Whitney-Simms so I generally don't focus on watercolour landscape artists like you have clearly asked. But maybe for inspirational ideas I have a pinterest board of landscape paintings and found I only have one work that looks part watercolour. And I do apologize I can't read the signature of this artist. If anyone does recognize this artist I'd appreciate it. Note: I was unsure if I should post but I like landscape and though it's not "watercolour" specific maybe the other works would inspire as I said. What artists do you like already?


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    @Heather-Boyd thats beautiful. It doesn’t have to be watercolor necessarily. I guess I’m just looking for loose landscapes in general.
    I did this one last week and would like to explore this area a little more. Just not exactly sure where to start. You can see the one that I used as inspiration. My mom asked me to do it for her birthday. I was like, mom, you know I can’t do an exact copy. We will call it a “study.” But I had so much fun I want to keep doing it, just need to see a few more people to see how they solve the problem!

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  • I love following Minnie Small. Number one: her name is awesome but she has a wonderful YouTube channel. She does not exclusively paint landscapes but she does a lot of watercolor and gouache and experiments a lot. I linked her website below.

  • I know you're not looking for a realistic painter but Veneta will blow you away with her skills. She also has a Youtube channel.

  • Ira Sluyterman is also brilliant.

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    My favorite is Steve Mitchell who does Youtube Lessons at “Mind of Watercolor.” He may appeal to me because he worked as an illustrator earlier in his life.

    I also follow Angela Fehr on Youtube.

    I have tons of books by various watercolor artists but those are the two I follow online.

  • Alvaro castagnet. He mostly does city scapes though. But very moody stuff..and more fine art than illustration. Worth seeing his stuff tho. I did a five day workshop with him about a decade ago!

  • Really nice painting! @Whitney-Simms I think you'd like Joseph Zbukvichtt ..Maybe you know of him? I love the looseness he paints using just enough detail. Lovely style.

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    @Whitney-Simms sadly, I don't know any. But I'd love to stay tuned to who others will recommend.

  • Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde or iraville on Instagram is who first came to mind. She has a lovely folksy style and I really like her work.

  • I like a lot of different media, and tried them. Love them.
    Watercolour is one that, I want to do more of, and get past my muddy colours😁

    A while ago, I watched a video about an artist that lives in Australia, or moved there.
    Anyway, his watercolour paintings blew my mind. But, I can't remember his name.
    So, I googled "watercolour painters in australia", clicked on images. And saw lots of beautiful landscape paintings.

    An Asian watercolour portrait painter keeps coming up in my feed, extremely beautiful paintings! I am in awe, every time. I have no idea what their name is, might be Chinese. If you want, I'll find it and post a link here.

    One of my all time favourite painters to watch and learn from is, Andrew Tischler.
    Check him out, you will be amazed!

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    Holy Cow! You guys are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite watercolorist with me.

    @K-Flagg Love Minnie Small! She is a long time favorite. Actually, she is the one that got me hooked on inktober and led me to the joys of Jake Parker via youtube and then the SVS crew. Her haunted house series for inktober a while back was amazing. Well, I actually had a book of Will Terry's from a book fair and how crazy is it that those two were buddies.

    @Matt-Baldwin Veneta is amazing. She has intense colors! Sorta realistic, yet still uses wet on wet blends masterfully. Thanks for letting me know about her.

    Ira needs her own line. Matt, you and @deboraht mentioned her. I have followed her for a while as well. I generally hate fall, but her color palette makes me love it in her work. Her trees and character design is freaking amazing too.

    @demotlj and @Coley. Your artist have this city grime about their work. Alavaro Fehr's work is so dark with pops of color that are magnificent. I love how they are strategically used. Joseph's work is brighter, but still uses shadow in a clever way. I love his looseness in the watercolors as well. And of course the horses are great.

    @jsnzart Andrew Tischler...That guys is CRAZY! every detail. I can't even begin to figure out how to paint like that. I think I am going to check out his podcast. Check out Tierry Duval Aqua on IG. That guy is insane for details too. He uses watercolors. I think you would like him too.

    Thanks guys for giving my IG feed a few fresh faces. I can't wait to dig into the artists' work a little more. Here are some of my favorites.

    Ohn Mar Win- a wonderful illustrator and licenses to boot! Not to mention she seems like a real sweet person

    Sarah Voyer- She lives in Hawaii. I adore her.

    Ocean Paper- I am not sure who the artist is, but their work is great and they make watercolors too.

    Kirstensevig- she just had a baby, so she isn't creating as much as she used to. However, her latest project with knomes is super cute. Great illustrator too. Does notecards and all sorts of things. Her packaging is INSANE! Sorry, we are allowed to geek out about that here, right!

    Esther Gili- Yall, her character design is one that makes me drool. She is an illustrator in Spain. I wish I knew Spanish. Actually, someone should tell the big guys about her. Y'all need to check her out. @Lee-White @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry - sorry, I tried not to tag you guys in the post.

    True Cotton (in IG) lives in my town. She has a great style too. Quotes and flowers mostly.

    Okay, I think that is all I am going to add. See, I didn't have any landscape artists on the feed. so thanks for all your help! Y'all have a lovely day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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