Hello from Australia - a bit about me

  • Hi! I'm Phoebe, Nice to meet you all. I discovered SVSlearn in April, from a Reddit post someone shared with me about " A full curriculum for the self-taught artist.". In it, it recommended SVSlearn's composition course by Will Terry. I was incredibly happy that I discovered svslearn and all the information here are really helpful.

    I come from a non-art related background, having studied commerce and worked as an assistant accountant for several years. Although art and creative things had always been a passion for me as a kid, I never pursued it because I was made to believe I could never be "good enough". It's a familiar story perhaps some of you can relate.

    Anyways, I took interest in drawing about 2 and a half years ago, now I am at a place where I can see myself taking drawing and painting up another level, and perhaps even thinking about having a career. Discovering svslearn and learning the things these wonderful instructors have to offer really gives me some much-needed perspective and direction. I also love watching the recorded critique sessions, they are some of the most helpful videos for me.

    Right now I don't really have much to show for as something that I want to call my "own body of work", other than mostly painting studies etc that I share on my Instagram. I work mostly with ink and watercolours, dabbed into gouache here and there and I am also very interested in mix media techniques and digital. I want to develop a style that can be suitable for children's book illustrations and feels more connected to me. Hope to meet people here and learn from you all.

  • @PhoebeCreates Hi Phoebe, nice to meet you too. Welcome! And enjoy.

  • Hi @PhoebeCreates welcome πŸ™‚ you've got amazing sketchbooks (I saw it on your Instagram). Wish my sketchbook can be as half neat/beautiful as yours. My sketchbook is always a mess ... πŸ€¦πŸ»β™€

  • SVS OG

    @PhoebeCreates hi! Welcome to the forum!

  • @PhoebeCreates Hi Phoebe, welcome to the forum ☺ I’m also a newbie from Australia so it’s nice to have you here. Your instagram layout is very eye-catching and you have a lovely way with watercolours πŸ‘Œ I look forward to seeing how your children’s book style emerges!

  • Hi and welcome. I really like how you present your work on Instagram. It is very well put together and your collection of learning is very encouraging! Hope to see you in contests and on the forum more and more.

    Have a lovely day, πŸ™‚

  • Hi Phoebe! Your Instagram is lovely 😍 welcome!

  • Thank you @jsnzart @Nyrryl-Cadiz @K-Flagg ! looking forward to seeing you all around the forum.

    @idid Thank you so much! I have really messy sketchbooks as well and I don't usually show them around... only the nice looking pages gets to be seen :p

    @Lovsey hii fellow Australian! Thank you very much I hope to see the same from you too!

    @Heather-Boyd Thank you! Sharing my work online keeps me motivated to draw and paint. I also love that your Instagram has a very clean and airy look!

  • Hi @PhoebeCreates and welcome to the svs forums. You have some beautiful work on your instagram and some lovely presentation. I hope you can join in with some of the monthly painting prompts

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