Affinity Photo, Affinity Design and Procreate classes on SVS

  • Not sure if this has been discussed here in the forum, I'm sorta new here...

    I would love to see classes on using Affinity Photo and Affinity Design and Procreate here on SVS.

    I used to use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator for all my digital work prior to Adobe changing to a subscription based platform. I have purchased Affinity Photo and Design. Love them, they are quite similar to Adobe products, at a fraction of the cost.

    The classes here focusing on on digital painting and using Photoshop are great, but it's difficult to translate what is being taught to use with the Affinity products.

    Also, I use the iPad Pro with Procreate to do all of my digital work. I do not own a Cintiq or comparable equipment and would love to see some future classes devoted to iPad Pro and Procreate users.

    Am I alone.....?

    Mikey J

  • @MikeyJ Will Terry has an excellent Procreate class!

    I've found for most of the digital painting classes, many (sometimes not all, I'll admit that!) of the techniques translate over. My strategy (I use Clip Studio and Procreate) is to go elsewhere for the fundamentals of the program itself, and then come back to SVS and translate where needed for the actual painting and illustration techniques. It's a very rare day when I find that there's something I can't do between Procreate and CSP that you can do in Photoshop.

  • @korilynneillo very good points. I feel very comfortable with Procreate. But as I am following Will Terry and the others here on SVS regarding digital painting I like to follow along during the classes but since Affinity doesn't translate to Photoshop that well it kinda trips me up a little.

    Where can I find Will Terry's Procreate class? Here on SVS Learn?

  • @MikeyJ Yeah! It should still be here. The course is called "iPad Pro Painting with Procreate" and it's got an illustration of a frog carrying a fish.

    The course is a few years old at this point, so it's missing some of the major QOL updates Procreate's put out recently, but the content is still fantastic!

    It might be worth looking to see if someone has a course somewhere for people moving from Photoshop to Affinity. I know a LOT of artists are going this direction (seems that nobody is happy with the CC subscription model and we have software now that's advanced enough to compete) so it wouldn't surprise me at all if people have done courses like it!

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    @MikeyJ Though I use Clip Studio for art, I use the Affinity suite all the time for prepping graphics and layouts. There's tons of classes on YouTube on how to use the programs, but it could be beneficial to have an intro class with illustration applications in mind! (how to get around the program, adjustment layers, prepping for web, how to make a book mockup, etc)

    Clip Studio would also be an awesome intro class to have along with Procreate! Those are two popular Photoshop alternatives.

  • @korilynneillo said in Affinity Photo, Affinity Design and Procreate classes on SVS:

    "iPad Pro Painting with Procreate

    Cool! Thanks Kori.

  • @carriecopadraws I agree about a Clip Studio intro class as well. I think more and more people are moving away from Photoshop. It's a great program but Adobe is very full of itself. They are not the only game in town any longer.

  • Personally, I don't think Affinity is a class that SVS would want to invest time in, or even us for that matter.

    Affinity is so new that it's changing ridiculously fast. The shelf-life of those classes would be I think too short to invest in. It would get frustrating for students for the same reason. Photoshop is a mature enough software that the classes currently there can apply at least roughly all the way from CS3 all the way to today.

    Affinity Photo just isn't there when it comes to digital painting. By the time it is an actual player the game, it's going to likely even look completely different. Affinity Designer is definitely an Illustrator competitor, but for the above reason I think it would be a tough class to try and keep updating. Plus, their material really isn't falling into the kind of vector art that Designer would be used mostly for.

    I personally wouldn't mind a class on Clip Studio.

    But, I think there is a caveat to all this, which is the purpose of SVS is to build people into productive and successful illustrators. It's REALLY likely if you fall into that category, you're going to have to have Photoshop to collaborate with professional clients. This is especially true if a project becomes something passed around by a team of any kind.

    I think it was @Lee-White that brought up in one of the podcasts a story where he knew someone that started a business, and they realized they needed something like a $20,000 truck, so they went out and bought it because that was what it took to do business. At the end of the day, if I'm charging what I'm worth, a $1,500 computer, $1000 tablet and $50 a month in software is still a pretty modest cost of doing business 🙂

    I'm definitely in the same boat - there are times I keep thinking, "Damn I just wish I didn't have that extra cost every month" but I still have to remind myself that it's really a small price to pay for absolute ubiquitous compatibility with the entire design community world-wide. And Procreate, while only $15 still contains the iPad as the cost of entry.

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    @MikeyJ maybe you can find more technical classes on skillshare?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz you're right about Skillshare. Actually, I just found some great classes that I am going to take at Udemy for Affinity. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers.

  • @jdubz I am in agreement about your points about investing in equipment for a career in professional illustration. But right now is not the best time for me to make that financial investment. I have been a professional party and event caricature artist for over 35 years, with great success in Tampa, FL and here in the Washington D.C. area, but at the first of the year, when COVID struck, all my work as an event caricature artist went to zero. So, I decided to retire from the caricature business and devote myself to illustration, with a focus on children's books. Since for the past 3 years I have also included digital caricatures to my repertoire I have a couple iPad Pro's and have been using Procreate. Since working digitally I have learned to love it and will be mainly working in that medium.

    So, since I have been financially devastated by the pandemic, now is not the time for an investment in high priced equipment, software and perpetual subscriptions. Perhaps if I acheive the success I hope for I can then make those investments. I used to have Photoshop and Illustrator on my Mac (CS6) but since the latest update to my Mac (Catalina) CS6 no longer works. You are forced to buy Adobe Creative Cloud and it's subscription. I enjoyed Photoshop but am now forced to find a reasonable alternative.

    Thanks so much for your input, Josh! (BTW...your work on Instagram looks great)


  • @MikeyJ Thanks for the kind words Mikey. Love your caricature work! I totally get where you're coming from and personally agree fully. I hate subscriptions and I hate how we've converted to a society that functions almost entirely on them. What you're describing is one of my biggest problems with the Mac platform. I mean, I'm running a 12 year old copy of Acrobat Pro on my PC because I can actually install and use CS2 on it :).

    Most of my work is graphic design and web related work, so I'm pretty much stuck using Photoshop for that. Affinity Designer luckily has allowed me to completely replace Illustrator professionally, so I was able to drop from $50 a month for CC to just the photography package.

    I really hate how Apple does this forced obsolescence nonsense. Which I'm very afraid is going to get a lot worse because of their decision to switch to their own custom in-house ARM based processors instead of using things like Intel and Nvidia chips.

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    @MikeyJ I’m actually working through Will procreate class right now. There’s been a few updates that put things in different places in the program, but generally speaking, it’s a great class.

  • I also would love to see Affinity Photo classes for illustrators. Most o the classes I find are all about taking photos and simply enhancing them. That being said, right now I take the classes about Photoshop or Procreate to learn what's needed through the apps and then research how to convert each tool/option/sequence into Affinity. It's time consuming but helpful in the long run, especially since my budget right now won't support monthly fees to Photoshop and I don't have an ipad.

  • @jdubz said in Affinity Photo, Affinity Design and Procreate classes on SVS:

    I really hate how Apple does this forced obsolescence nonsense. Which I'm very afraid is going to get a lot worse because of their decision to switch to their own custom in-house ARM based processors instead of using things like Intel and Nvidia chips.

    How is not being able to run at least a 7 year old software package forced obsolescence? Computers have moved to a 68 bit architecture out of need and Apple did so with a 3 year notice. 32 bit is lower performance and offers lower security. soon windows will be 64 bit only as well.

    I still run Adobe CS5 on a 10 year old iMac and a 6 year old macbook air and have 0 problems with either of them. Just because a new Os is released every year does not mean it needs to be installed.

    As for the ARM switch it should go as well as the last 2 processor changes the motorola to power pc and the power pc to Intel. Any computer you are currently running will be updated and usable for many years. Intel runs too hot, is too slow in updates and apple now designs their own processors. The switch to ARM makes a lot of sense as it will put everything that apple makes onto one chip architecture. As for graphics chips, any new mac (I believe) can run external graphic drivers so you have plug in what you prefer.

  • 7 years is not really a long time. They just stopped supporting Windows XP 19 years after it released. I would absolutely say that a computer that told you to buy a new machine to run software that's 7 years old after you did an update is forced obsolescence. Most people do not have numerous iMacs and other computers lying around they can just load up different versions of the OS to run programs they need.

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