WIP Puppy Dog and Girl

  • Here is a piece I am working on about a young girl who rescues a dog. Still a ways to go, but it is coming along.


  • I'm not sure if I like the background on this, but I'm trying to add more settings to my work since I have a tendency to focus on characters.


  • Hi Charlie! I love your characters! They are so cute and expressive!

    For the background, it is not clear to me where the dog is supposed to be. He seems tied to a doggy house, and if he is, why is he scared ? What about if the little girl would rescue him from a scarier place ? Maybe a dump ? A dark alley ? To add to the storytelling, maybe the dog could be all dirty.

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks @NoWayMe! I think you're right, the setting needs to play more into the overall storytelling to help convey the dog's fear. I'm going to work this up some more. Stay tuned!

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Your characters are strong and the story telling is very good. I really like these early sketches. The "place" the story is happening seems to be in the rough stages : ).

  • @Rob-Smith Thanks so much Rob and you are right it was in the rough stages, I'm playing with settings to see what works and what will add more to the story. I like the dark alley idea and I am also going to play with the weather, dark, gloomy, cold, wet etc. 😃

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan

    I love the characters. If it is a daylight scene I think you cant make the background lighter. It will make stronger the focal point (both characters). If it is a nighttime scene, a darker background and more contrast could help.