Dragonfly WIP

  • Things have been crazy around here for the past month, so much that I didn’t even submit anything for the Wizard of Oz book cover design. Last week, my wife and I took a day and went for a drive to get out of the Phoenix heat for a few hours. We ended up in Sedona and had lunch beside Oak Creek, watching the dragonflies zooming around the rocks and little waterfalls. I’ve been doodling little racing dragonflies in the margins of my notepads since coming back from Sedona, not realizing that “dragonfly” was the theme for the August contest until yesterday. Thanks to dumb luck I’m actually on time for once!


  • I like the concept of doing a sci-fi dragonfly (hey that rhymes), but I think this piece lacks a story. I think you could add a lot more impact to the painting by having those in the distance firing at the main character as though he is escaping them, perhaps illustrated by lasers flying through the air or water splashing around.

    I would also say that the design of the character borrows too much from star wars in the helmet and the rest of his costume doesnt fit in as well.

    I could see this as been a really good one to explore more and it has some great potential 🙂

  • @Aaron_T I have to agree with @Gary-Wilkinson that you need to add some story.

    This looks like a great character design, but needs to be put into action!

    Some thoughts I had that you could do with it:

    • Racing, crossing the finish line (think podracing)
    • High-speed car chase (dragonfly chase)
    • Something funny, maybe he is in traffic and his dragonfly is pooping out like an old car?

  • Thanks guys...I like these ideas. I’ll tweak it since I have some time!

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