Feedback on these character lineup? Opinions on making them more interesting?

  • Hello guys!

    This crew here is for a new personal project I am thinking of Illustrating.
    What s your opinions and critiques on them?
    What would you do to make them more interesting?
    They have a back story that I will eventually share, back just design wise i d certainly use some critiques!!


    warm up elves2.jpg

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos
    some form of context/infos would be usefull because all that affects the look/design of a char. kinda hard to give any real feedback without it.

  • Hello Georgious

    Agree! Some context will help.

    For instance, I can't really figure out what is in between the little girl and the flying boy on the top. Is that his cape? Or some magic fluid that go from the man on the right to him? Maybe with context it will be more readable?

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos They look like a pretty interesting bunch..I’m curious as to how they fit together..they seem a bit at odds with one another but I don’t know the story behind them 🤷♀ My faves are the Elven hulky guy on the left and the little robot. There is a good variation between them. Have you drawn their silhouettes to examine and simplify their forms? How are you using shape to denote their character? Check out the SVS class ‘Breathing Life into your Character Designs’ if you haven’t already.

    Like everyone else, I would want to know their back stories before giving any specific opinions but the one thing I would definitely change is the legs of the dude on the far right. He is extremely top heavy and those lower limbs aren’t as refined as the rest of your line work.

  • I think they all look pretty cool, but definitely share that backstory! 🙂

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos These designs are looking awesome! I really like the overall shape language going on in some of these characters. I feel like they could be a lineup from a heavily artistic video game. However, please do share the backstory and what the project is about! That would help in getting more specific critique; as others have already stated. 🙂

  • @Molambo Thanks!Noted!I ll upload some single designs with a bit of context the following days.Consider giving your opinion then!!

    @Julia This is his huge misproportioned tail! I ll upload a more detailed version in a couple o days!!

    @Lovsey Thanks for the feedback!!

    @amlilui got it!cheers!

    @Jacy13 Thanks Jacy!!Cheers !

  • I love the flying alien guy and the little rock robot! I'd love to see some stronger silhouettes and I think turnarounds would be helpful for you at this point. Nice work. Have fun.

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos I think the characters look interesting to explore from first impressions. My favourite one is the small girl with large pigtails and a large mitten.

  • Today I watched a character class with Will and Jake to learn to Pose characters. I found it very helpful. I think it might help in this case. Also, Jake's class where he discusses stylizing characters, would be good to watch too. You can get a lot of good information pretty fast from these two classes.

  • Hello Georgios! These characters are so cool~! It looks like they'd have a ton of fun adventure. The one thing that stood out to me was the character on the far left. His head is significantly larger than everyone else's, and though I get that he's a big character, I think if you made the head size a little smaller, he would fit a little more with the rest of the group. Right now it looks like if he was scaled down, he would have the same proportions as the character to the right of him. If you made the head smaller, it would make the rest of his body look bigger in proportion, similar to what you did with the character on the far right. Just my two cents! Thanks for sharing this fun cast of characters with us!