What to do when your XP-Pen develops a fault, and the company aren't playing ball?

  • The purpose of this topic is to ask any of you what you have done if your digital tablet develops a fault. How do you carry on? I feel helpless - an artist with no tools. Everything has stalled and it's very disorientating.

    I'm based in the UK. Basically, I bought an XP-Pen 22R Pro in March this year (2020). By the beginning of July it had developed a fault - as if an invisible vertical line down the screen was no longer tracking the stylus when you draw over it. I contacted the company and they said to send it back for a replacement. I explained that I was working on a project and about to start a new one, so it is critical that I am not without my tablet for more than a few days. They agreed to dispatch the replacement as soon as they'd received the faulty one. So I sent it back via special delivery (on 30 July) and they received it on July 31. As soon as I sent it I emailed the contact at XP-Pen an email stating that I had moved cities and gave my new address, 3 hours drive from my old address. I also included this information in a letter accompanying the faulty tablet for the people at their warehouse to note.
    A whole week later still no replacement tablet, but I received an email from them with their courier name and tracking number. I checked the tracking number, looking for when it would be delivered. XP-Pen had sent it to my old address!
    What's worse, it hadn't even arrived yet. You know why? Because it is being sent from China!!! They've now told me that I won't receive it until the end of August, despite me explaining the urgency! Their solution? That I buy another tablet from them in the meantime!!! I contacted their complaints department, but they've not bothered replying, only referring my complaint to the person who I have been in contact with this whole time. Such contempt for their customer!

    So what do you do? I've asked for a refund, but I'm not holding my breath. Has anyone else had this problem from any company?

    Thanks for any advice.


  • SVS OG

    @Adam-Thornton oh, no! i'm so sorry. what they're doing is really rotten. I suggest going public with this once you get your replacement or refund. In the meantime maybe you can get a tablet from a more reliable brand. I bought a cintiq from wacom and so far, it hasn't let me down. Maybe give them a try.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thanks Nyrryl. Yes, I did think about going public, but I'm currently in two minds about it. I was thinking about a Cintiq, and know that they seem to be the tablet of choice, but they're much more expensive. I guess I'll have to try and budget for it.
    Best wishes.

  • SVS OG

    @Adam-Thornton yeah wacom is definitely expensive. I had to save for almost a year to afford mine. Perhaps you can get a smaller size to ease the cost?