Children’s book idea: a reboot of a Roman fable

  • The Sword of Damocles is a fable told by Cicero in which a tyrant switches places with a commoner to teach him the perils of ruling.

    My little dragon fly dragon inspired me to retell this story as a story in which a tiny little dragon fly, Damocles, wishes to trade places with a real dragon to enjoy the power, prestige, and wealth of being king of the domain. The bigger dragon grants him his wish and Damocles soon finds himself fending off knights, wizards, and even princesses in order to keep his position. He eventually comes to his senses and begs the dragon to let him come back to his humble pond.

    I would call it The Hoard of Damocles. It would be a lesson on the perils of greed and pride and the value of humility and a simple life.

    What do you think? I doodled some character design and concept art for the domain of the big dragon, Dionysius.


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