January 3rd Thurs - 1st timer

  • Hey everyone, First time trying out the 3rd Thursday and getting some feedback here. Here is my initial sketches and a few experiments with composition and a tiny bit of value. Stanley is a platypus woken up by the horrible sound of a didgeridoo. Though the viewer may not know what the end of the instrument in the lower right hand corner is, I think I like it most without the kangaroo and I will probably go with the one where Stanley is putting his hand to his ear like it's a bad sound. Suggestions and comments welcome 🙂




  • @Cali-Ward I too like it better when you can see the kangaroo and I would put both paws up to his ears because you can't tell that's what he is doing with just the one. Nice start!

  • Ditto on the kangaroo. The story is clearer with it in. Also, maybe have the platypus waving both arms in the air

  • I would have no idea what's going on, unless you include both characters. Also, if you're putting hands to ears, you need to do both. It doesn't make sense to cover one ear, and not the other.

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