My OZ Book Cover (non-subscriber) and Introduction

  • Hi my name is stephanie, I'm new, This was my first time trying anything like this. This was tough for me in many ways. I am still working on my speed as well as other skill sets, I came from animation so this is different for me.
    I'm not a Subscriber so I figured it didn't matter when I posted and i'm not even posting it to the contest thread, I just wanted to show it, I got kind of disheartened towards the end after seeing everyone else's but I still was proud of my concept. So here it is, I know it's not the best and it could use more TLC.
    My instagram has better work


  • Thank you for sharing you work. I would like to share what I have to remind myself but often forget.


    Enjoy the process and the right people will enjoy it with you. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful work. Much love!

  • Your concept is so fun! I remember it from your WIP thread and thought it was really cool. I always go through a cycle where I'm feeling good about my art, and then really bad about my art, so I can relate to your feelings about being disheartened.

    I'd encourage you to post it to the contest thread anyway. I think it definitely deserves to be there, subscribed or not. It would be nice to have it be a part of the collection with every one else, and it adds in such a cool different take on the prompt, that it would be valuable reference for others.

  • Hi Stephanie, I'm new too. 🙂 I'm really glad you submitted your piece, well done! You absolutely should be proud, both of your fun concept and that you submitted it. Honestly I found it hard to do too, there was definitely a bit of "why am I even bothering to put my art next to pros?" thinking. But in the end it's supposed to be a bit of fun and a way to push yourself and to grow. So please don't get disheartened and keep up the good work.

  • @dafoota thank you for the support I need to remember these things❤

  • @TessaW I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one lol even though it'd be nice to not feel this way, thank you for the kind words!

  • @ina thank you so much I do need to remember to think of it as "I grow each time"