Inktober 52 | May Prompts

  • How is the summer almost over? Also, how am I so far behind on Inktober 52? Here are my drawings from May's prompts. What did anyone else come up with, and who else is having work/life balance and productivity issues this summer?

    Week 18: Train

    Week 19: Praying Mantis

    Week 20: Bubbles

    Week 21: Robot

    Week 22: Stranded

  • @ajillustrates
    crazy good.
    like a pro.
    what are you drawing with? is that digital?
    especially the penguin one-that looks like real ink? how did you manage those negative white "shading" on his "hands"?

  • @arielg Thanks for the kind words! I'm doing all my Inktober 52 drawings traditionally, and these ones are Pentel Pocketbrush brush pen on Canson mixed media paper (because I plan to add marker to them later). The negative white highlight sections are accomplished by planning where they'll be when sketching in pencil, then I just fill the brushwork all around it.

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