Basic Perspective Final

  • Hi there!
    My name is Mel and i’m new around here!
    I just finished Basic Perspective this morning! Perspective is always a mind bend for me. So many lines to keep track of! Lol But it was a great learning experience. I’d like to take this and add some details to it soon 😊 It’s nothing fancy but feel free to offer pointers if you see anything amiss! Thanks! I’m looking forward to exploring the forums ❤


  • Well done Mel! It's so cleanly executed and looks great to me. It does look a little warped at the bottom, but it's probably due to it being zoomed out so much and wouldn't be a problem when cropped. If you find that your perspective does look a little warped in the future (without you wanting it to be), you can always push the vanishing points further apart from each other.

    Looks like you are applying the concepts very well. Great work!

  • @Melanie-Daigle ...nice job!

  • @TessaW Yes, I was thinking that about the bottom corner as well! Next time i’ll try spacing out the vanishing points a little further. Thank you so much 🙂

  • @sdn Thank you!

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