Basic Perspective Final assignment

  • Hi everyone! First post! I just completed the final for the basic perspective class. I have a few of my own thoughts, but want to hear yours first.

    I didn’t add any details, just wanted to make sure my perspective was right first.
    FED2426B-FDBA-4BD0-877B-21253FE8C2AA.jpeg AD4B02B9-88C7-4FCF-A1D0-80261BBB03CA.jpeg

    Something looks off with the door in the back. Also I took away a wall for it to make sense. Haha.

  • @Kyle-Tobey Yeah the door looks off because you used the wrong vanishing point. You should use the one on the left...

  • You’re right!! Thank you!

  • @Kyle-Tobey It's looking good to me! 🙂 I like the addition of the rough value block in. It helps solidify the objects in the space.

  • What's the box-like thing on the right by the doorway?

  • @Debra-Garcia the dresser. It might look off because it’s right at HL? Adding some details helped. 47974DDC-3CD2-441A-8C9B-FCA2D159B6A1.jpeg

  • Hey I'm still thinking about the dimensions in the room, like, the dresser in the back seems very large compared to the door, and the lamb on top of it is even higher than the door. this gives it a bit of an unusual feeling, (also the walls are pretty high - these things compared make the door look very narrow (like you have to duck to go through it) (i'm not sure, maybe this is just for you to study and then its not as important, but if you want to use this for a project, maybe this is helpful for you to balance those things out)

  • I think it would really help if your vanishing points were a lot further apart. When a vanishing point is in the image, (and I think the one on the right is, no?) Then that means the other vanishing point needs to be waaaaaaaay off the page, which kind of sucks because having both vanishing points on the canvas, or really close is just so much more convenient. Lol

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