July contest

  • 6314806A-3AF0-4179-BA9B-CEFD1E55604C.jpeg Hey guy My name gyebi and I need. Feedback from you people thanks

  • @Sarpong-Gyebi I would be interested in knowing what kind of feedback you are looking for and what stage of the picture you are at?

    If this is an early concept stage or final stage the feedback I would give would be very different.

    Looking at it, I am assuming you are doing traditional media (watercolor?) That make me wonder how willing you are to change things (is it a complete redo to make minor changes?)

    Also, it is a little hard to get the whole feel without edges.

    Anyway, I will give a little feedback just not sure it will be what you are looking for.

    1. I think the whole dark to light from top to bottom is working very well. It gives a very foreboding feel to it.

    2. I am not sure about the edges of the sky/cape. If it is supposed to be the witch's cape framing the picture that is cool. But you might need to give it more cape(y)ness? If not, then I think the sky should run to the edges of the picture.

    3. I think the banner with the title is too vertical. I think you have room on the right to billow it out and then the words would fit almost all horizontally.

    Good luck.

    I would suggest next time to ask for more specific feedback.

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