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  • Dear SVS,
    I am interested in taking courses but I am not sure how to study the videos. How many videos should I do per day. How do I know what courses to do. Also If I link my instagram, could you tell me what course you recommend. I want to learn figure drawing, backgrounds, anatomy, and other fundamentals. What should I do. I always struggle with courses online because their aren’t really deadlines and scheduals! like in real life. I hope I can utilize SVS. Thanks.



  • @Ari-Sorokin Take the SVS curriculum as it is laid out. Starts with Jake Parker's How To Draw Everything (01) and then the next and the next. Of course they are still coming up with the later one but there are many classes before those. A day plan or week plan depends on what you are able to do. I am currently not employed so I work at the current class I am in everyday but Sundays. Watch a class in order, take notes/draw out examples esp the ones you might struggle with more, do the assignments (and when teacher says stop this video and work and then return when it's completed -do it). Focus on the quality of work you can do and I'd focus less on just getting through the videos- some videos are shorter like introductions etc (do a few) and others require work within them and practise outside of them.

    Anyways hope this helps,

  • Will I get critiques. How do I ask question. Also how many weeks does each course take

  • You work at your own pace and can do each course as many times as you like. I work through them and as my skills improve, I'm going back to do them over and do them better. Instead of deadlines as motivation, the love of creation and the satisfaction of improving your skills from hand pencil coordination to ideas and creativity - that's your motivation to boot up and work through the lessons. Further motivation is the joy of supporting other artists and the support they will send right back to you. Final motivation is the fun of completing a promt for the monthly contests. There are so many amazing artists and kind people here, I feel blessed just be welcomed into the fold.

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    The classes are set up like classes on Udemy or Skillshare--they are work-at-your-own-pace, and do not include instructor feedback.

    They are not set up with critiques normally. Sometimes SVSLearn has special "Live Courses" that you can pay for outside of your SVSLearn subscription. Those do involve instructor critiques and feedback, but they have not done one of those in a long time. Last week they had a special Thursday homework critique live session for subscribers, and folks got feedback on whatever homework for their SVSLearn class they were taking at the time. Hopefully they will do it again!

    However, as with most self-guided classes at other places that have specific Facebook groups and such, these forums are supposed to be used to share your work and ask questions. You can post your work here and get peer critiques. Some of the folks here on the forums are working professionals, so I wouldn't dismiss the value of posting here. MANY folks are actually working on the classes at the same time or have done the classes already, so they can provide valuable insight and answer lots of your questions regarding process, quick check-ins, etc. Everyone here is very supportive because we've all been students, too.

    The courses take as long as you want them to take. However, a subscription to SVSLearn means you have an entire year to access ALL the classes. The curriculum they've laid out is the best approach if you're looking for a specific order.

    Other sites offer different takes on courses. For example, Schoolism includes all the recorded feedback of each assignment of all their Live Course students for multiple years, which is a staggering amount of video to watch and process, and after a while all the re-draws degenerate into "I know you did it like that, but you should have done it like the way I would do it. Watch as I completely erase what you did instead of suggesting how to make your own choices stronger." Many folks at other sites are successful professionals, but they're not the best teachers. And SVSLearn's folks (Lee, Jake, and Will) seem to be actively helping all their instructors be good teachers, not just loading up their pre-made courses from their Gumroad accounts.

    If you're willing to be self-motivating, SVSLearn is the place for you. But if you're looking for a weekly check-in with instructors to push you to complete homework this might not be the best learning solution.

  • @Coreyartus I’m probably gonna get svs. Can I get critiques on the forums. How often do people do critiques. It doesn’t have to be the teacher I just want a second opinion.

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    @Ari-Sorokin You can post here on the forums whenever you want! There's a category for the post that helps indicate it's homework for a class--it's in the drop down menu from which you have to select in order to make a new forum topic.

    I would suggest, however, that you spend some time on the forums first, reading and pondering responses to other pieces of homework and commenting on some other forum threads for a bit before you jump in and ask for feedback on your own stuff. It can be helpful to have a grip on the attitude/demeanor of the forums and you'll probably get more feedback if you offer it up yourself to others first. Providing quality critique is a skill, and the best way to understand the opinions you're getting from others is to proffer actionable, usable, concrete advice to others.

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