Wacom intuos issues

  • Hi I'm wondering if anyone on here has run into this problem with a wacom intuos M 2017 edition.

    When I press the pen to the tablet, for instance to make a stroke, sometimes it thinks the pen has been lifted and mid stroke it stops creating a mark. If I keep the pen pressed to the tablet it still moves the cursor around just no marks.

    This is very frustrating for instance if I grab the top of a document, in photoshop, to move it on my screen, it will stop moving the document as if ive brought my pen up from the tablet. I end up accidentally moving layers around. It's so frustrating to draw with, its like drawing with an actual pencil that breaks every few seconds.

    I re-installed the drivers, still have the same problem. If anyone has had this issue and knows a fix that would be amazing.

    I've had the tablet for 3 years now, first problem i've had with it.


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