• Hi Forum Members.
    Look, this is my VERY first illustration oriented for children. It wasn´t easy to me to develop it, and hope the concept is understandable. Please, post your reviews, comments and critics because they will help to improve my style. Thanks in advance. ALVARO.GREETING MR. RABBIT.jpg

  • @Alvaro-Morales hi. I feel like you could develop this picture with a better use of light. The light source is above and slightly behind the monster, so there should be some light on his head and shoulders, at the minute he is all one value. The same applies throught the image, everything at the minute looks quite flat. Take the base colour, warm it up and make it lighter, then paint it on every plane facing the sky. Put some cooler shadows in every plane facing the floor, then throw some really dark accents into the deepest crevices where the light cant get in. It'll really bring it to life.

  • @Alvaro-Morales Hi Alvaro. I think you have a decent understanding of perspective since your art shows depth in terms of overlapping and varying sizes and contrast.
    I agree about working on the lighting. The background looks like it's illuminated from the front but the character's shadow shows that the source of light is behind.
    As for the story, I'm reading it as the bigfoot is happy to see the bunny but is stopping it from passing through the forest? It is also unusual for the same hand and foot to be forward so maybe work on the gesture of the bigfoot as well?

  • @Alvaro-Morales Thinking about it, I think you should move the light entirely. What you've got here is like a midday shot, sun right above the characters. Its generally regarded as the least desirable lighting scenario, as there are very little shadows and its hard to create form. If you move it to the front right, more of a late afternoon position, you can get generate a bit more interest.

    The best video i've found on the internet (No disrespect to SVS, they have awesome quality vids too) which demonstrates light and colour is one by Marco Bucci, its on Youtube, just type "interview with Marco Bucci" it lasts 45 mins and will change the way you paint instantly.


  • @Neha-Rawat Hi Naha!, Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Yes, I knew I had a lot of issues in the illustration, especially with the light source, and the gesture. I´m really new using PS for digital painting, and need to understand better many things about the use of brushes. Yeah right! It´s a sort of Bigfoot, spotting Mr. Bunny and he comes to say HI!. Yeap, It looks weird talking about the gesture, and should redefine it better.. Thanks again! Best!. AE

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