Bongo Process - Critiques Welcome!

  • I felt really intimidated by this prompt because I can't draw animals and it was so hard to choose one moment to draw, but after watching the live critiques, it got me fired up again, so here I am! Below are my thumbnails, character design attempts, and other random things I wanted to get out of my brain and onto paper. At first, I went with a more graphic design route, and then I thought maybe I can turn this into an urban jungle and have the setting in the city, but I thought that would be way off prompt, so I reeled it back eventually. 😛



    These are my three favorite thumbnails.

    1. A view of Clyde from the top, you can see Bongo's reflection in the water in the hollow of his body, and Bongo's tail is hanging from above. Leaves frame the image.

    2. Bongo is on a branch and Clyde is leaping from the water while two other gators watch. The right side is the orange trees.

    3. Another top-down view of Clyde with Bongo in the reflection of the water.

    Let me know which composition you think is the strongest in terms of story. Thank you!


  • @aprilshin I think your animal sketches look great; it looks like you can draw animals pretty well! Thumbnail number 1 looks the most interesting to me.

  • @miranda-hoover Thank you so much for your input, Miranda! ❤❤❤

  • @aprilshin 1 definitely has the most interesting composition. But I like 2 as well! Also, your alligator sketches are super cute!

  • Here is my updated thumbnail! I agree that #1 is probably the most interesting and also the one I was most afraid of because it looks so difficult! I do not know how I'm going to pull this off because this is the most ambitious thing I've ever attempted. Please let me know if you see anything that looks off! Thank you so much!


  • For someone who can't draw animals you've done a pretty good job if you ask me! I think 1 or 2 : I like the perspective in the first thumbnail but I feel like the second reads better from a distance and seems more balanced. Hope this helps.

  • @aprilshin Oh sorry, I see that you've already gone for the first one - good choice!

  • @Rachel-Horne thank you, Rachel! I’m glad I went with it, too, since it seems to be the most popular choice! Thank you for your input! 😊

  • i really like 1 too! great choice

  • @MirkaH Thank you so much, Mirka! ❤

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