Anyone any experience with this agent?

  • Hi everyone! I’m beginning to start querying a few agents and the agency T2 actually reached out to me. Has anyone ever had experience with this agent? She actually reps a couple people I already follow on social media which is a good sign to me, but I’m always wary as you hear the phrase ‘a bad agent is worse than no agent at all’ But it’s so hard to know!

    We are going to schedule a telephone call, is there any questions I should remember to ask?

    Also if T2 decided to offer representation, what is the curtesy regarding other agents I’ve emailed. Do I send a follow up email saying I have received an offer? Would I give them a time line saying I plan to accept in a week etc?

    Sorry for all your questions! I just want to be professional and not make myself look silly 🥺

  • @eriberart That is super good news. I have a very good impression of T2. I was in conversation with them a little eariler. I sent them a submission and got reply from them with pointers to improve my portfolio. This was in the early covid time, and everyone was freaking out. So I was super greatful T2 took the time to review my portfolio and sent a personal reply.

    To find out more, I would suggest to reach out to some artists T2 represent and ask about their experience with T2.

    Regarding to what to do with other agents you have emailed: I did exactly what you described. I sent an email to every agency I applied and have not hear back, telling them I got an offer. I did not give them a time frame, but 2 of the agencies reached out the next day, telling me good luck and they are not expanding currently. I assume if anyone would be interested in my work, they would reach out in fairly short time.

  • @xin-li Thank you for your reply! That's good to hear. I will see if I can reach out to any of the artists she represents.
    It's very nerve wracking talking to agents and trying to find one that is a good fit. It's helpful to hear other peoples experiences 😊

  • @eriberart I know how you feel. It was an intense experience for me. 🙂

  • Well done that's great news!!! I really like quite a few of their artists, looks like a good fit for you! Please let us know more about what happens I would love to hear! 😛

  • Congratulations, that's great news. I think you got the feedback you need but please let us know how it goes. 🙂

  • @hannahmarie @Rachel-Horne Thankyou! I have the Skype call tonight. I always get so nervous about these things! I need to research what sort of questions I'm supposed to ask hahaha

  • @eriberart That is very exciting good luck!!

  • @eriberart congratulations and good luck, I would be so nervous too, so it’s all normal! Good luck and yay 😀 !

  • Wish you best of luck and please keep us posted if you have any news/thoughts 🐱 !!!

  • @Coley @idid Thank you!

    I thought I would update this thread with how it went for those interested. The call seemed to go really well. We spoke for about an hour on Friday and we got to know each other and ask each other questions. Today she sent me over a contract just for me to look over and then we can decide if we want to go forward with representation. All looks good with the contract to me but all the legal jargon can be a bit intimidating! Any one know any red flags I should be looking out for 😁

  • @eriberart Awww I feel so happy for you, I'm glad it went so well!! Super well done on doing the scary call also! I've been following you for quite a while on Instagram then I saw you on here and was like woaah you do SVS and now you are really going places! 😛 I'm guessing you've watched the vids/ podcasts but could be good to go back to them now you have the contract in front you? What type of approach to representation would you say this agency has, is it a case of just sending out your work or do they give you lots of feedback on how to improve your portfolio and that type of thing (I'm clueless sorry aha) ? I think @Will-Terry mentioned how some agents work very hard to help shape your career, others may represent many artists and might not focus on that aspect so much. Also what is the usual amount of time that you have in contact with your agent? I'm not sure if that would even be in the contract but just some thoughts... to make sure that you get the most out of this contract from your side!

  • @hannahmarie aw Hannah thank you so much I just went and checked out your Instagram and followed you back😊 yes think I will go back and listen to the agent podcast (and probably get my mum to read the contract 😂😂) we covered quite a lot in the Skype call about how hands on she is etc but I got good vibes. She has a relatively small agency too which is good as I think having a good relationship with your agent is important.

  • congratulations! they are indeed, in my opinion, a great agency, if you check out their book list, it is amazing!!!

  • @eriberart Congratulations Erin! That's such wonderful news! Your art is super cute and they would be lucky to have you! 🙂

  • @eriberart Big congratulations! Are you a member of AOI? they have advisory team offering a service to look through your contract (free for AOI members). I heard there is something similar with SCBWI, but I am not 100% sure how that works. I reached out to AOI since the agency represented me is located in the UK. I believe T2 is based in the US. It is probably good idea to get a lawyer in the US to look through your contract, as american lawyers will be more familiar with the law that your contract is based on.

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