Introduction to Prop Design - Looking for fellow 'classmates'

  • Hi, Anyone else about to start (or just started) the Prop Design class? Looking for virtual classmates to more or less simultaneously go through the process, share assignments, get feedback, etc. So far I've only taken a few notes, but I'm ready to get my hands dirty and dive into the first assignment... Anyone? :-]


  • @PieterVanDerBeek I just finished, but would be happy to keep an eye on this and join in. Also, I never posted my early stuff so I'd be happy to, if it adds anything whatsoever to the discussion.

    Looking at your notes: my takeaway at this stage was that deciding up front what I wanted my piece to be about, even before I answered Jake's list of questions, was extremely helpful. So whatever it is, I'd recommend yelling it out real loud. Mine was "BIGFOOT!"

  • @kritmo That would be lovely, please do so! :-]

    Oh and in response to your advice: "PLUMBER!"

  • I'm going for a DIY'ed lamp of a plumber, constructed of leftover parts and old tools โ€“ here's my first silhouettes (and some parts / tool inspiration)...

    Untitled_Artwork 12.jpg

  • @PieterVanDerBeek These are excellent! I especially like the variety of design, and a few lampshades look almost plunger-like. Could also be interesting to pull in a valve knob or water shut-off or something for the on/off switch. Also like how long and zig-zaggy the pipes are in the bottom right sketch... it makes me think the inventor is very enthusiastic about plumbing materials and wanted to make a statement.

  • For my submission: I wanted my objects to be assembled from gathered natural elements. Since electrical lighting doesn't exist in the forest and fire is dangerous, I settled on a bioluminescent fungi colony... growing on logs, on rocks, on moss balls, and within stone basins and geodes:


    I ended up selecting one of the simpler ones so it wouldn't dominate the scene too much.

  • @kritmo I like these a lot โ€“ love the idea of bioluminescence! :-]

  • Makes me think we should have a discord server or something for live chats... would like to buddy up on my next class.

  • @kritmo โ€“ Took me a while to get back on the prop horse, but here's the three standing lamps I'm leaning towards... :-]

    Untitled_Artwork 13.jpg

  • well hi there fellow students!
    im also in the middle of this class. im going pretty slowly as im busy with other things too, so dont rely on me a full-bodied classmate, but i will be glad to post some of what im here too! what a wonderful idea this is.
    so the idea i had was to go a few years back---quite a few. im attempting to design props that would have been in ancient Persian times, in the kings palace.
    so the lamp that im starting off with is one of those clay oil lamp thingies. i was actually thinking of doing the assignments twice, as it is really my first time designing anything, and i could do with the practise!! the idea i had for the next design was to maybe do something that would have been in the Titanic, but i may have hit upon a new idea for round two by the tim i reach that. ๐Ÿ˜
    will try to post tomorrow the silhouettes i did and the sketches iv done so far.

  • Hello! I'm taking this class too! Although, I have a different way of learning since demands on my time here are so hectic. I generally listen to the whole course while I wash dishes or fold laundry (down time for me), and then go back over the videos and do the assignments during my scheduled art time ( at oh-God-thirty in the mornings). So, I don't typically follow assignments in a timely manner, but would like to try with you all! I'm about to do Assignment 2.

  • @Leah - Love to see what you come up with! :-]

  • @charitymunoz - Love to see what you'll be making, just chime in whenever you have the time! :-]

  • here is my drawing so far of the oil lamp. the top right one is the structure drawing of the lamp with a three quarter top view, the rest are these quick orthographic sketches. i want to perfect the structure drawing of the lamp a little more before rendering it, it still needs a bit of work but i was just so impatient to upload it already! will do that shortly and show you the finished one soon hopefully.

    delighted to recive feedback and critiques.

    prop design.jpg

  • @Leah Nice! Love the different angles, really gives a good feel of the structure. If I had to pick one thing I'd tilt the top part of the handle on the 3/4 top view just a little bit (to the left), to align it with the nozzle on the front โ€“ it now feels a tad askew.

  • hi everyone! i have done my lamp...made it a bit flatter so it looks more of a lamp and less of a jug. truth to be told, its not really how i imagined the outcome to look like, what do you all think?
    iv taken out the inlaid pearls or whatever those designs were meant to be. Too complicated. besides, its being a background prop and not a hero prop. and also, i think its just being in a regular Persian persons house, not the king....
    its the first time i designed something, as well as almost my first time renedering a piece digitally so please please give feedback coz thats really the best way to grow!

    thanks to all!
    lamp, rendered2 .jpg

  • I too just started the course and I will be doing the first assignment tonight. I am thinking of doing a beach theme lamp. It would be great to go through it with a group of people. My schedule varies as I have 3 kids and a full time job to juggle. I will post on this thread when I have something.

  • @Leah โ€“ Awesome! I like the simplicity, and the cascading sides still give it a distinct, elegant character. I struggle with light and shadow myself, but the way you did it seems very convincing. :-]

  • @robbery Welcome to the club :-]

  • Hey there! Hereโ€™s the work Iโ€™ve done so far for the prop class. Since Iโ€™m working on a portfolio I decided to do my own thing a bit!68B2FCBE-4252-40A1-B136-A12FD4058E06.png

    C&C welcome, of course!