First short comic

  • Heya, keeping up with my weekly prompts.

    This time it's "Monkeys in Onsen" and I decided to do a short comic. You know those snow monkeys in Japan that like to bathe in hot streams. Well, this monkey is trying to enjoy its time until interrupted by a child monkey. Totally soaked, but unable to be angry seeing the pure joy of the young one 🙂

    Page 1.jpg

    Page 2.jpg

    Page 3.jpg

    Page 4.jpg

    I enjoyed doing this one a lot but saw myself rush by the end, no clue why 😃 I hope it made you smile at least a little bit and if you have any comments I'll welcome it.

    Have a great day SVS fam 🙂

  • Made me smile! Thanks! Very cute ☺

  • @Denie-Kony Lovely! And nice reference to the Kanagawa wave! :-]

    So where do you get this weekly prompts from?

  • @PieterVanDerBeek Thank you, I thought the Hokusai reference would be fun to include, as these monkeys live only in Japan. As far as the prompts go, I am having a weekly video call with a friend and we decided to challenge ourselves with a weekly prompt, we come up with it at the end of the call. So far we've had Cats in clouds and Monkeys in Onsen 🙂

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