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    Hope this is something I can post here on the forum.
    Last year I've worked on few sets of illustrations that were used as a part of a campaign, as printed promotional comics in a weekly catalogue of a certain supermarket. Also, there was one comic spread as part of a promotional magazine that was sold for a specific price to the customers. In the contract, I specifically asked for them both to be used for this purpose only - printed in the weekly catalogues and the promotional magazine.
    Today I got asked whether I would be okay for them to be used in the same way in another (same but under a different name ) supermarket in a neighbouring country. So far I have worked on published publications that were specific for my country only, so this is the first time I was asked for any of my work to be used outside my country.
    For me, it seems logical to make a new contract, but to as well be paid for allowing them to use the illustrations in another country, as this was not specified in the first contract. Although the illustrations themselves are not of a commercial character (beside the comic spread that was part of the promotional magazine and was being sold for a specific price), they are a part of a campaign that brings a lot of financial success to the supermarket.

    Any opinions would be welcome.
    Thank you

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    @TamaraDomuzin You're absolutely right in your instinct, this needs a new contract and new fee! Specifically, you are licensing your illustration again to this other supermarket. This use was not outlined in the first contract and they need to pay again for this new use. I'd argue it would even make sense to charge more than the first time, since they are getting a lot of value out of your illustration. They know exactly what they're getting and they already know the campaign is successful (so much so that they want to expand it to another store).

  • @NessIllustration Thank you so much for your answer 🙂 You wrote exactly what I was thinking.

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