Perspective Assignment

  • Hello everyone

    I was just hoping to ask for feedback on my perspective assignment.

    It is far from finished, but I think I need some advice.
    I have only been drawing for a few weeks now so please do excuse my errors, but by all means do not be afraid to comment on them.


    I can see that my curtains are off, but I am not quite sure how to fix them.
    (I did not spend much time on them, as I thought I´d ask how to get them right first)
    I would also like to add more details, like pattern to the carpet or a pinstripe wallpaper, however I am not sure how to get the proportions right.

    Thank you for any feedback and tips xx
    Stay safe and take care,

  • @shirousagi said in Perspective Assignment:

    aid to comment

    That's some really good perspective for only a few weeks into drawing!! WOW

    I think with the curtains you just gotta really completely think of the form as you draw. Know exactly what each lines means

  • @Frost-Drive Thanks a lot for the feedback and tip!! xx

    I just visited your instagram and your work is stunning ・:*˚✧₊⁎

  • IMG_4386.JPG

    I added a few more details and had another go on the curtains, however I cannot seem to get quite happy with them.

    Also, I do struggle with my ellipses - is practice all it takes or does anyone have a good advice?

  • @shirousagi With ellipses, I would suggest the ellipse homework assignments from
    It made me better at them in just a day.
    The biggest thing though is to draw from your shoulder. It hurts at first, but it's worth struggling to get good at.

    And thanks for checking out my instagram too!! ^_^

  • @Frost-Drive Thank you so much, I´ve checked out the assignments and I too can see improvements already ^^

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