May Isolation WIP - Seeking advice

  • Isolation2.png Hi all,

    This is my WIP for the May isolation prompt. I have put the foliage in there as a placeholder for now so I will improve, and the sky needs sorting, but I just wanted to check if people understood what was happening here? Any critiques welcome.


  • @carrieannebrown Hi, I like the mood that you’re creating here, and I love the colors.

    I’m not sure I understand the story, though. Are they statues? Living islands? They do seem sad and alone, and I feel the isolation. But I think you could add more context to get the gist of the story across.

  • @sarahlash thank you, that's really helpful. The idea was supposed to be a sort of metaphor for how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm with other people but we're all so bored that we've stopped functioning properly i.e. bored to stone. I put them in the sea to represent that they were alone/an island and I was more interested in invoking a feeling but I think perhaps the concept would make more sense if they were in their own overgrown living room. I've left it all a bit late now!

  • Very interesting image. I love the colour play and the obvious stone rendering of the two people. After reading your explanation of what was happening, I get it completely but was a bit confused at first glance. I look forward to seeing the finished product! Great work:)

  • @Bricz-Art thanks so much

  • Does it read any better now?

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