Christmas illustration project

  • Hello everyone!!

    I would like to "redo" a Christmas illustration I did some time ago (and that really turned bad). The original illustration was in soft pastel (it was one of my first project with this medium, as you can see!). I have taken a couple of art classes since then and have progressed a lot, and since I liked the idea I want to give it a second chance.

    It represents my wife (climbed on the chair, about to fallโ€ฆ sheโ€™s clumsy!), our two cats, our dog, and me decorating for Christmas. Here is the sketch for the new version (I will do this one digitally).

    Comments/suggestion are always welcome!

    Sans titre-1.jpg

    Noel 2015.jpg

  • SVS OG

    It's a lovely idea for an illustration @NoWayMe ๐Ÿ™‚ The one thing I would work on is the tree...I think it could use some more definition on the branches, or some more suggestions of shapes within the tree, it would be more interesting. I'm speaking as someone who finds Christmas trees really frustrating to draw for just this reason!

    Another thought...maybe this is intentional, but at the moment it looks like that chair is definitely about to tip over in the next second or so, looking at how your wife's weight is balanced. It might be more interesting to make it just a tiny bit more 'will it won't it tip over', to give it more suspense. Anyway will look forward to seeing the next instalment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree with Dulcie about the chair. It is great however and I can't wait to see it when finished. Can really tell your point of view on the picture and skill level has improved so nice job! The lil dog is my favorite.

  • Thanks for the comments!

    Here is the updated version of the sketch! Any better ?

    Noel 2015 - Sketch.jpg

  • Wow you've progressed a lot! I like the tree more defined and all your characters are very cute!

  • Here is an update on this project! I am trying to work fast as I would like to finish it tomorrow!! (I really doubt I will be able to, but I'm trying!)

    Noel 2015 - WIP1.jpg

  • Another update! Finished enough so I used it today as a Christmas card on Facebook, but I'm still going to work on it a little. I am thinking of including it in my portfolio when it's done... any thoughts on things I should change before I do ?

    Noel 2015 wip 2.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I like the warmth from this piece and the textures, it feels very festive ๐Ÿ™‚

    The first thing I would do to refine it, would be to roughen up/texturise the tinsel a bit. At the moment it looks like a big ribbon. if you broke the edges up with a textured brush, it would really help. The tree also, might benefit from a bit more texturing...there are some parts really near the fairy lights and those bits especially would be lighter in value. You've done it already with the texturing on the wreath and the mantelpiece decoration, using the paler green... if you did that on the tree too, and maybe pushed it further where the fairy lights are close, that would help I think.

  • Thanks Dulcie!!

    It was actually supposed to be a ribbon haha! But your right, it would look better with texture! I will transform it into a tinsel!

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