Isolation Prompt Thumbnails

  • Hi everyone, my name is Natalie and this is my first time posting here! I’m really excited to become part of this community and work on improving my art skills.
    I just finished a couple thumbnails for the May prompt and thought I’d share them here for some feedback. 116E79C9-7E57-4590-A542-33230D9E2C80.jpeg

    1. A person trapped in a cage of trees, I might have animals or forest creatures looking in on him if I continue with this one.
    2. A king in a throne room. He feels isolated by power/ I wanted the image to show him “higher up” than the rest of the people.
    3. A girl falling asleep alone in a forest, snow is falling on top of her.
    4. A forgotten statue of a king sitting in a snowy forest. I think I’m going to put castle ruins in the back of this one if I continue it.
    5. Someone isolated by their own thoughts.

    I would love any feedback/critiques on the concepts or composition of these, or which one you think I should keep working on for the final image.

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