Isolation May- First time posting feed back welcome :)

  • jungle.jpeg

  • @Barryrousedraws hi.

    It's good to ask specific questions -so what areas are you looking for feedback, composition, colour, rendering etc.
    However your work reminds me a bit of Quentin Blake -loose line and watercolour. One quick feedback would be to look at you values -they all seem the same lightness. Have the characters lighter and the background darker or vice versa -it doesn't have to be a hard contrast. 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd Thanks for the comment, I agree with you about the lightness and shadows are all too similar in contrast. Something to work on thanks 🙂

  • Not really getting the isolation message. I think perhaps you need to look at the composition. The panther and man being together like that does not really say isolation. Maybe the panther should be peeking in from the edge? Arrange foliage to encircle and isolate the man? Also a good previous point on more differences in tone. If you want it to read flat that is cool, but need a little more contrast to really see what is going on.

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